Allan Parker: God Intervened To Elect Trump And End Legal Abortion

President Donald Trump addresses the June 2017 Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority conference.

Allan Parker, the president of the Texas-based Justice Foundation, joined the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” program last week to promote a petition he’s circulating urging the Supreme Court to “reverse, cancel, overturn and annul” the abortion rights decisions Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Parker told the program’s guest host, Eben Fowler, that he was hoping for at least a million, and maybe even five million, signatures on the petition and was given hope by the fact that God intervened in American history to elect Trump to the presidency.

“I think we’re actually seeing God intervene in America’s history again through the election of Donald Trump and the change on the Supreme Court that we are going to see and we are seeing,” he said. “I believe with all my heart that God hates abortion and He wants to see an end to it. And in the fullness of time, I believe we’re going to see that.”