ALIPAC’s Incoherent Spin

I tend to avoid writing “what does it mean” posts in the days following any sort of election, mainly because I frankly have no idea what election results “mean” in terms of some larger narrative.

The upside of that is that I don’t have to try and spin election results so that they validate my political agenda and thus avoid writing things like this piece of nonsense from Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Obama Defeated: Pro Amnesty US Senator Specter Falls!‏

We have exciting news to share from the election results coming in.

We are very pleased to announce that despite President Obama’s strong support, US Senator Arlen Specter bit the dust in PA tonight!  … [S]eeing some of the biggest illegal alien Amnesty supporters in the US Senate like Bennett and Specter fall is encouraging news for our political revolution! We can hope, pray, and work hard to make sure McCain will be joining them in the unemployed category soon!

The mighty are falling as Americans of all walks of life focus on throwing those in Washington that have betrayed us DOWN!

ALIPAC seems to believe that the defeat of Arlen Specter can be attributed to the fact that he supported “amnesty” and thus, his loss should be a warning to anyone else in Congress who supports “amnesty.”

Of course, that line of argument would carry more weight if ALIPAC didn’t have to concede that “Specter was defeated in the Democratic primary by US Representative Joe Sestak, who is an amnesty supporter as well.”

It is hard to buy ALIPAC’s spin that Specter’s loss proves that Americans are intent on tossing out of office anyone who support immigration reform when Specter lost to a candidates who also supports immigration reform.