Alex Jones Vows To Organize Donald Trump Rally: ‘My Kids Are Counting On Me’

InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones, one of Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theorists, said today that he plans to organize a rally in favor of Trump after the incident in Chicago where the GOP presidential frontrunner canceled a rally following fights and protests at the event.

Jones has repeatedly touted Trump’s candidacy on his show, even warning that the billionaire mogul might be assassinated by nefarious forces working for the secret global elite, and often speaking with Roger Stone, a Trump confidante, to discuss how InfoWars viewers can help Trump.

Upset that protesters supposedly threatened to kill Trump and “knockout game” his supporters, Jones announced that he will “step to the plate” and “organize in the next week a Trump rally here in Texas, or maybe I should pick some really dangerous zone like Chicago.”

“I’m a top general in this fight now and I want to put myself in the frontlines and my gut wants to do it but my intellect says, ‘You need to hang back,’” a tearful Jones said. “My kids are counting on me, though. But they’re counting on me to stay alive too. We just need to organize a Trump rally and we need to go into the lion’s den and then try to, like Gandhi, I think the answer is let them hit us and then say, ‘We love you and we’re sorry you’re brainwashed.’”

However, Jones said that the anti-Trump “minions” will “be smart” and “not activate because they knew that we were going to let them attack us and not attack them like Martin Luther King did.”

Since Jones is likening himself to Gandhi and King, we would like to point out that he once said that Trump is opposing “evil” people and that he, Jones, wants “to tear them limb from limb.”