Alex Jones: Trump’s March For Life Speech Proves Once And For All He’s Not In The Illuminati

Today President Trump delivered a speech via satellite to anti-choice protesters at the annual March for Life in Washington, which conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones interpreted to be irrefutable proof that Trump is not a member of the Illuminati.

On Infowars radio today, Jones told listeners that the supposed globalist regime running the world are supportive of abortion rights because “it’s their whole cult, it’s their whole system.” Trump showing support for March for Life attendees, Jones derived, erases all doubt that Trump is a member of the Illuminati, a supposed secret society that colludes to run the world.

“When you go after that like he’s doing, there is no way he’s with the Illuminati. There’s no way he’s with this system. There is no way, no way, and he’d be doing this. Zero. Zero,” Jones said.

Jones went on to explain that both he and “the churches” already had a gut feeling that Trump was not part of the secret cabal ruling the world, before incorrectly retelling the biblical tale of King David.

“And of course my gut tells me that, too. And the churches, their gut tells them that. The real churches,” Jones said. “That’s why they, ‘Oh, he likes hot women when he’s’—most of that’s made up. Whatever. King David has his best friend killed so he can have his wife. He repented of it later. He did it out of the flesh. He wasn’t inherently evil.”

He continued, “Trump hasn’t done one one-hundredth what King David, a man after God’s own heart, the prototype of Christ, did.”