Alex Jones Says He’s ‘Already Won’ And Is ‘Ready To Die’

Alex Jones said that his mission to destroy the globalist conspiracy has been completed and that he is at peace with himself and “ready to die.”

Patrick Bet-David, the host of the Valuetainment YouTube channel, a platform mostly dedicated to topics on business and entrepreneurship, sat down for a one-on-one interview with Jones that was uploaded to YouTube on September 13. During the interview, Bet-David repeatedly pressed Jones to answer whether he believed he was responsible for his de-platforming and what regrets he had, if any.  At one point, Bet-David asked why Jones believed he was alive, given that Jones has repeatedly claimed throughout his career on air that Democrats murder people who get too close to the truth.

Jones responded, “Well, they’re murdering my name. They assassinating me—“

Bet-David interrupted Jones to steer him back toward the question, “Yeah, but you’ve said Hillary Clinton [kills], you know, all these people who get close to her, so if you’re opposing the most powerful Democrat in a marketplace—“

“Because they thought I was a joke. Like a poison, I titrated, and it’s the way God works, it isn’t me,” Jones said, adding that what he calls “the truth” finally hit the Democrats and destroyed them in 2016 when Trump was elected.

“I’m the globalist lethal injection and I’m ready to die. So let’s just be clear, I’ve already won. This is all gravy from this point on. So I’m already in the system, I’ve already won and they thought it was a joke and now they just took their death dose,” Jones said. “Really, I’m going to kill the New World Order. … They’re so afraid because I’ve got their number and I’m not afraid to die.”

Jones answered that he didn’t care whether he was ever readmitted onto social media platforms to spread his message because everything for him going forward is just “getting ready to meet God.”

Later in the interview, Jones told Bet-David that what he is doing with Infowars is working off the model of Christ and said that he’s “very close to God” since being banned and that he can now feel the spirit of God in his bones.

Jones started to tear up.

“The enemy knows I love God. I love Jesus. So, I’ve already passed on and that’s why the enemy hates me, because I’m well beyond their grasp now,” Jones said.

This video contains two clips from the original interview, which is nearly two-hours long.