Alex Jones: People Will Call You A ‘Homophobe’ If You Don’t Let Them Have Sex With Your Car

Alex Jones claimed today that LGBTQ activists and educators are now teaching children that it is bigoted to not let someone have sex with their cars.

Today on “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones attempted to unmask a supposed hidden LGBTQ agenda to push a new industry of lifelike robotic sex dolls, which he described as “basically blowup dolls that have like an ‘Alexa’ bot program hooked into the central network of the people that produce these.” Jones claimed that tech companies are promoting the robots as “trendy and brave” and that LGBTQ activists are expanding the terminology they use to educate children to include people who have sex with robots.

“They’re now saying sex with machines or sex with cars or sex with appliances—there’s a whole big movement where people are marrying their cars, marrying their toasters, marrying their dogs, their cats, their horses. I’m not kidding,” Jones said.

Jones continued, “They’re catching people in public places—you see it all the time—trying to have sex with a Ferrari or trying to have sex with a ’57 Chevy. And they actually—I’m not going to get into the details of what they do, but they lube up the tailpipe and everything and then the police come up and there’s a guy hunching your car.”

LGBTQ activists, Jones claimed, plan to teach children that anyone who opposes having sex with cars or sex robots is homophobic.

“If you don’t let somebody have sex with your car, you’re a homophobe, you’re a bigot, you’re a horrible person,” Jones said. “By the way, this is not satire. I’m not kidding here. This is what they’re teaching kids now.”

Jones then said that he may buy some sex robots so he can light them on fire and expose the hidden agenda.

“I think I’m going to buy some of these sex dolls and basically torch them to show folks that their A.I. god is nothing but a fraud,” Jones said.