Alex Jones: Media Are Taking ‘My Victory’ In Predicting Civil War First, Turning It ‘To Defeat’

Alex Jones, the nutritional supplement hawker and conspiracy theorist radio host, fired up his phone (despite the fact he was driving) to film a live response to the ridicule he has faced over his prediction that Democrats would wage a new civil war on the Fourth of July—a prediction that, needless to say, didn’t come true.

Earlier this week, Jones sent out a broadcast predicting that a civil war would erupt on Independence Day:

Of course, a sale on survival items from the Infowars store conveniently coincided with the prediction.

Jones said he saw the globalists’ secret forces at work planning massive civil unrest and a civil war and that he had been warning Infowars listeners for years about the nefarious plots to spark an internal war in the United States to destroy Infowars listeners. During the warning, Jones claimed that the globalists would use this year’s July 4th holiday “as their new D-Day against us.”

“It’s here, and July 4th is a key crossroads in all of that, so they are announcing—they’re already launching riots, antifa has been behind closed doors for three months, they’re announcing summer riots that have already started everywhere. The globalists see July 4th as their new D-Day against us and a lot of stuff is going to start then,” Jones said.

The post was met almost instantly with ridicule that only amplified as the Fourth of July came and went with nary a civil war. Despite this, Infowars doubled down on the claim repeatedly.

Today, Jones responded to the fact that nothing significant whatsoever had happened on Wednesday with a confusing explanation containing both claims that media outlets had lied about the details of his predictions and claims that parts of his predictions actually had come true.

On one hand, Jones said, the fact that actor turned pro-Trump pundit James Woods claimed that he had been dropped by his agent was actually a statement that “the war starts now.” Jones also rambled on about a difference between a “cold civil war” and a “hot civil war.”

“That’s how they take my victory of predicting all this first and turn it to defeat, in their own minds,” Jones said.