Alex Jones: Look To Jesus For Inspiration Fighting The Globalists

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and supplement salesperson who heads Infowars, told listeners today they can look to Jesus Christ and Lazarus for inspiration fighting the supposed globalist liberal elites that want to destroy them, claiming that those who are defeated in the battle will see their spirits ascend to a higher power.

During his broadcast today, Jones claimed that the latest round of sexual assault allegations purging powerful men from their positions in media was proof the “house of cards” concealing the unlawful behavior of liberal elites was crumbling down. Jones warned that he and some of his supporters may suffer collateral damage to their own livelihoods, but urged viewers to look to Jesus Christ for inspiration.

“Of course, as allegories and clichés tend to be true, metaphysically you tend to fall with your great nemesis. But through the fall, you ascend. Evil falls and is destroyed when it hits the bottom. When we fall, we rise even stronger,” Jones said.

“You should want to go through that fire, even though it’s not going to be comfortable while you’re doing it, like lifting weights or running a marathon. But if you fall in combat with these people you are risen up again. The example is Jesus Christ, physically risen, or Lazarus risen, as an archetypal example for us,” Jones said. “But we are spiritually risen again. We are also—in life everything is a reflection of the great final moment before God.”