Alex Jones Had A Weekend Meltdown After Trump Announced Syria Airstrikes

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who has spent the last week using his network to promote the idea that a deadly gas attack in Syria was a “false flag” designed to justify the military involvement of other countries in the region, screamed a slew of profanity aimed at President Trump before breaking down in tears in response to Trump’s announcement that  U.S. would carry out airstrikes in response to the gas attack.

On Friday night, Trump announced that the United States military had bombed targets in Syria in retaliation for a chemical gas attack that had been carried out on April 7. Many world leaders believe that the Assad regime in Syria conducted the attack, pointing to reports that the chemical nerve agent sarin was used as it was in a similar attack last year. In response, Trump ordered the military to bomb three of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons facilities.

When news broke of Trump’s announcement about striking Syria, Jones and co-host Owen Shroyer took to the air to report live on the attacks, during which Jones briefly became a sobbing mess.

“I feel like I just had my best girlfriend break up with me and the left will make jokes but this ain’t funny, man,” Jones said, his voice trembling.

“He was doing so good and that’s what makes it so bad,” he said. “Owen, that’s what makes it so bad. If he had been a piece of crap from the beginning, it wouldn’t be so bad, but we made so many sacrifices and now he’s crapping all over us. It makes me sick.”

He screamed, “It’s never enough, unless we put dirtbag Hillary in and worship that ugly goddamn piece of—“

The broadcast went silent as Shroyer and Jones collected themselves.

Earlier that night, Jones had taken to a live stream where he delivered a succinct message to Trump: “Fuck him.”

“Donald Trump shit his fucking pants at the fucking moment of truth and shit all over everybody. That’s my first approximation. I’m not in a fucking cult for Donald Trump. Fuck him. Fuck his family. Fuck all these people,” Jones said.

Banging his hand on his desk, Jones yelled, “God fucking damn it, man. What the fuck? Is there nobody fucking pure in this goddamn fucking world? See, I’m fucking pissed right now. Syria fought Al Qaeda, they fought ISIS, they fought it all, and now you’ve got [James] Mattis and fucking all these people shitting all over us.”

As the weekend carried on, Jones floated various theories as to why Trump decided to attack Syria, including the idea that the “deep state” is blackmailing him, and took to live video to try to explain his outbursts. In recent hours, the Infowars crew has been warning that the Syria attacks could trigger a third world war.