Alex Jones Claims Texas Church Shooting Was ‘Staged’ To Embarrass Trump

Alex Jones, the tinfoil-hat creator of the conspiracy outlet Infowars, claimed there was “no doubt” that the mass shooting at a Texas church that killed 26 people last weekend was “staged.”

Jones was joined by Shepard Ambellas, editor-in-chief of the conspiracy theory site Intellihub, on air today to further Infowars’ dissection of the Texas church shooting, which has so far included theories that news media gave the shooter “permission” to kill, that the far-left group Antifa was responsible, and that the shooter was under “mind control” from the “deep state.” Jones expanded on his prior theories to claim that the shooting was staged by forces who want to embarrass the president.

“There’s a civil war going on the embarrass Trump. I mean, no doubt this is staged,” Jones said. “And the media is going to spin it and say I said it didn’t happen. That’s not what I said. They let him out of that mental institution when he was planning to kill his command chain. They let him go. They knew.”

Ambellas agreed and told Jones, “They let it all fall through the cracks and then they use it to their advantages.”