Alex Jones: Americans Don’t Deserve A ‘Damn Champion’ Like Donald Trump

Last week, far-right radio host Alex Jones lashed out at the Ninth Circuit Court for upholding a lower court’s decision that deemed President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and refugee resettlement to be unconstitutional.

Jones claimed that there is a grand conspiracy of governmental and financial institutions waging “economic terrorism” against the U.S. in order to hurt Trump. Strangely, Jones named Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan as among the anti-Trump actors, despite the fact that Trump has built close ties with the two Wall Street firms.

But, Jones said, Trump is such “a damn champion for the people” that he is standing up to these attacks.

“I don’t know if the American people actually deserve this,” he added. “They may just deserve David Brock and poverty and enslavement.”

This led Jones to rant about how colleges and universities deliberately turn students “mentally ill” and have “weaponized and brain damaged the people as they give them worthless degrees.”

These students, according to Jones, are pawns in the “Third World War” between the West and “Islamic jihadists and leftists and feminists saying they want women to have acid dumped on their faces and their genitals cut off screaming ‘Allah Akbar.’”

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