Alabama Christian Coalition Takes on NRCC

We’ve written before about the odd fight underway in Alabama between the Alabama Christian Coalition and outside groups supporting Republican candidates for Congress.

Back in September, we noted that ALCC president Randy Brinson had attacked Freedom’s Watch over ads its was running in the state because Sheldon Adelson, the man behind the organization, had made his fortune in the gambling industry.

Now Brinson and his organization are going after the National Republican Congressional Committee over this ad attacking Democratic Congressional Candidate Parker Griffith:

The Huntsville Times explains that Brinson is now coming to Griffith’s defense

Griffith, now a state senator, has maintained since the audio was aired by the committee that his words were taken out of context and that he was speaking from a “spiritual” standpoint, and not about national security … Randy Brinson, a Montgomery physician and chair of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, said Monday that the commercial intentionally misrepresented Griffith’s statements “to cast aspersions on his character, patriotism and even Christian commitment.”

“In response to the original questions about Griffith’s comments, the Alabama Christian Coalition conducted an interview with Parker Griffith to probe more deeply what he said and meant,” Brinson said in a prepared statement. “After speaking to him, we felt that his original statement and explanation were well-rooted in scripture and demonstrated a true love of country and trust in our Lord.”

Brinson said the coalition’s admonition of the television commercial should not be seen as an endorsement of Griffith but as an encouragement to Parker – and the committee – to campaign differently.

“Actually, I’m a very staunch Republican,” Brinson said in a Monday telephone interview. “I just didn’t think (Parker’s campaign) should take something out of context. You need to win on the issues. That’s a much better approach.”

It’s not every day that you see local right-wing groups blasting the Republican Party for unfairly attacking Democrats; nor do you often see the Republican Party start questioning the motives of those who represent its base:

Alabama Republican Party communications director Philip Bryan said the coalition wasn’t giving equal time to both candidates … “It is also interesting that the Alabama Christian Coalition is adamantly defending and campaigning for Parker Griffith in this race, considering that he is being funded by groups such as the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) – as many of this organization’s members support abortion on-demand and gay marriage,” Bryan said.