AIM’s Kincaid Gets Accolades For Supporting Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Bill and Brags About It

The proposed anti-gay legislation [PDF] in Uganda mandates a seven year prison term for “aiding and abating homosexuality” and “conspiracy to engage in homosexuality,” life in prison for committing the “offence of homosexuality,” and the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality.”

The legislation is so obviously draconian that it is hard to believe that any activists in the US would defend it, much less support it … but that is exactly what Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid continues to do in with his latest column built around a letter he received from an anti-gay activist in Uganda thanking him for his support for the legislation: 

“I am a Ugandan and I’m writing to thank you for your bravery,” [Charles Tuhaise, chairman of the board of Agape Community Transformation] said in his message to AIM. “The articles you’ve written in support of the right of Ugandans to exercise self-determination on the issue of homosexuality have thrown fresh light on the American scene [and show] that not every American is scared of the loud-mouthed homosexual lobby.”

He added, “Please continue to help Uganda by educating Americans about the bill and countering the lies. The American people should wake up and reclaim America from a dangerous subculture that is destroying their children and youth under the guise of liberty and human rights.”

Showing disdain for Uganda’s sovereign right to chart its own course in domestic and foreign affairs, the “gay rights” lobby has mounted an aggressive strategy to undermine the government of Uganda and threaten the cut-off of foreign aid if the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda is passed. All of this may have something to do with the fact, as AIM has disclosed, that billionaire George Soros, a major financial backer of the Democratic Party and the “gay rights” movement, has been funding efforts to promote homosexuality and legalized prostitution in Uganda and throughout Africa. The Open Society Institute of Soros calls these activities “the rights of sexual minorities” and “sex work.”

Tuhaise told AIM that Uganda needed the support of conservatives from the U.S. but that there is an obvious problem in America itself. He explained, “We sometimes wonder why Americans are not rising up to stop many shocking things happening there, like the predators who are luring children into dangerous sex rings and destroying their lives…In Africa we think of the welfare of the community and we care what is going on in the neighborhood, because whoever takes over your neighborhood has got your kid, too.”