AFA’s Prop8ganda

The American Family Association has unveiled a new, half-hour video on the necessity of passing the Proposition 8 marriage amendment in California. Featuring people like Chuck Colson, Hadley Arkes, and Ron Prentice, Chairman of the “Yes on 8” effort, along with various representatives of right-wing groups like the Pacific Justice Institute and the California Family Council – along with lots and lots of footage of gays and lesbians getting married and showing affection – the video explains the various ways in which failure to pass Prop. 8 will destroy America.

As they say, straight, married sex is “unique” because the two are designed to “fit together, like pieces of a puzzle” and the best that gay couples can do is imitate it. But Bridget Melson raises an even more ominous point: if gays and lesbians can get married, who’s going to teach the children of the future how to change the oil?

And on and on it goes, until Colson finally declares that failure to stop the “gay-marriage juggernaut … is Armageddon” and the end to freedom of religion, after which the others call upon pastors and activists to get involved in the fight to pass Prop. 8 or risk losing their right to spread the Gospel: