AFA: ‘What Makes Ellen DeGeneres Dangerous is That She’s a Nice Person’

It is worth noting that even though the campaign to pressure JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson was launched by One Million Moms, a project of the American Family Association, the effort has the full support of every arm of the organization, from its news outlets to its radio hosts.

Case in point, on yesterday’s edition of AFR Mornings, hosts Buster Wilson and Fred Jackson weighed in on the campaign, explaining that DeGeneres needs to be fired because she is just not “wholesome” and is actually “dangerous” …. because she is just so darn nice:

Wilson: JC Penney has employed Ellen DeGeneres as their new national spokesperson, so their re-branding themselves and they brought in Ellen, who happens to be very popular in the culture, she is, there is no doubt about that but … we just don’t believe that Ellen DeGeneres is wholesome, family. She is known, she made her name, by being the first real television star to come out in her homosexuality.

Jackson: You kind of mentioned it. What makes Ellen DeGeneres dangerous is that she’s a nice person and, I haven’t watched her program but apparently she does an interesting kind of funny program. So she does a good job of masking her very active role in the homosexual agenda – and she’s extremely active in that agenda. But she doesn’t go out on her program, I understand, and do that. But she’s known, Buster. JC Penney knew exactly what it was doing when they hired Ellen DeGeneres. They know she’s a homosexual activist [and] that she’s out there fighting for greater homosexual rights.