AFA Wants Us To Know We Are Going To Hell

Normally, people love it when other people link to their websites because it means they get more attention, more traffic, and their message reaches more people,. But the American Family Association has apparently decided that it doesn’t want the kind of attention our Right Wing Watch blog has been sending their way..

The other day we noticed that all of our links back to the AFA’s OneNewsNow website no longer take readers to the link in question, but instead redirect them to the Good Person Test (go ahead and click the OneNewsNow link above or any of these other links to see what we mean.)

So instead of being taken to a specific OneNewsNow article, our readers are directed to a website that challenges them to take a quiz to determine if they are indeed a “good person.”  Not surprisingly, the answer is “no” and that they are in fact going to hell.  

Answer a question about honesty and you are told you are a liar; answer a question about lust and you are told you are an adulterer; answer a question about anger and you are told you are a murderer:


And don’t think of trying to fool the test either, because if you claim to have never stolen, been angry, dishonest, lustful, or taken the Lord’s name in vain, it calls you a liar:


The end result of the quiz is that no matter how you answer the questions, you are told that you do, in fact, deserve to go straight to hell:


We’ve noticed that this special redirecting service is something AFA seems to have reserved for Right Wing Watch, because, for example, Street Prophets excerpted one of our posts the other day that included a link to a OneNewsNow article that, from their blog, takes readers to the article quoting Gary Bauer whereas those clicking through from our post get redirected.

So until AFA removes this clever little redirect, we’ll just have to stop linking to them because there is no way we’ll ever be able to figure out some sort of work-around.