A Sign of Desperation? Cindy Jacobs Joined Jackson’s Anti-Marriage Rally

To follow up on Peter’s previous post about Harry Jackson’s anti-marriage rally in DC today, I just wanted to highlight some other coverage of the event, like this piece from the Washington Post that estimates that “about 150 people gathered for a rally denouncing gay marriage” but the low turnout didn’t bother Jackson, because those people really represented “a hundredfold and others that should and would and wanted to be here.”

The Washington City Paper also covered the event and noted that seemingly only a handful of those in attendence actually live in the District and that the speakers included Cindy Jacobs:

Cindy Jacobs, “a respected prophet” and frequent 700 Club guest from the Dallas area, took the microphone to tie the day’s rally to a debate on hate crimes currently taking place on Capitol Hill. The protest is a civil-right issue, she said, claiming that the federal legislation threatened the ability to oppose gay marriage. She went on to namecheck Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. “We’re not going to give Satan any rest,” she cried. “We’re not going to give city councils any rest. We’re not going to give legislatures any rest.”

You may not know Jacobs by name, but you probably recognize her face because that is her on the video over in the left sidebar from when she appeared on the God TV election special last November and screeched (literally) that “complacency is the enemy of the will of God being done on the earth as it is in Heaven” and promised that there “would be no more business as ususal” in fighting the battle against marriage equality (scroll ahead to the four minute mark to see her segment): 

You may also recognize her from this 2007 segment on “The 700 Club” about the “purity seiges” she and others were carrying out along Interstate 35 because they saw the highway as the centerpiece of their efforts to save the entire nation, with Jacobs declaring “We expect laws to be changed in cities. We expect righteous leaders. We expect a movement, a reformation that will literally sweep the face of the earth”:

Honestly, the fact that this woman was invited and given a speaking slot at this rally pretty much tells you all you need to know about how desperate the Religious Right is for allies in this fight and how just how radical Jackson and his efforts really are.