‘A Person of the United States’

An anti-abortion group in Mississippi believes it has discovered a back-door legal method to force the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. According to David Rogers, who heads “The Campaign for the Ultimate Human Life Amendment,” if voters in Mississippi pass an initiative declaring that “[t]he word ‘person’ shall apply to all human beings … from conception,” then a chain reaction of legal ramifications will ensue:

“The simplest way to explain it is, for example, if you are a citizen of Mississippi or citizen of a state, then you’re automatically a citizen of the United States,” he offers. There is a similar legal linkage concerning personhood, Rogers explains.

“If we declare, or if any state declares an unborn child [to be] a person through their constitutional process, then they’re automatically a person of the United States,” he says. In effect, then, it “legally maneuvers the Supreme Court into protecting unborn children,” Rogers adds.

While Rogers’s elaborate legal plan may appear dubious, “Pro-Life Dave” is undaunted. He derides other anti-abortion activists as a “‘Limited Abortion’ coalition” focused on “’chipping away’ at Roe v. Wade,” and declares that the strategy of “getting Republican Presidents in office so they could nominate reasonable judges” has “seriously backfired.” Rogers declares his technique – in which, rather than replace justices on the Supreme Court, he tricks them – is “The Only Way to END Abortion.”