A Generation of Anti-Americans

That is how OneNewsNow describes the Judicial Confirmation Network’s last minute messaging regarding the need to elect John McCain in order to save the Supreme Court:

Wendy Long, legal counsel to the JCN, warns that if elected, Senator Barack Obama would appoint ultra-liberal activist judges to the Supreme Court, who would set the pro-family movement back by at least a generation.

“We’d see things like a constitutional right to same-sex ‘marriage,’ a constitutional right to federal taxpayer funding of abortion. We’d likely see a so-called constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide and to human cloning. [References to God] would come out of the Pledge of Allegiance and perhaps off our currency and every other public place,” she explains. “So we may wake up, but it would be too late — because once Barack Obama has a chance to appoint a majority of a Supreme Court, then decisions like those would be out of the hands of voters for certainly a generation and perhaps longer.”

Long does not believe that Obama will nominate anyone to the bench who would be acceptable to the vast majority of mainstream Americans of both major political parties.

You know, I suspect that the “mainstream Americans” in at least one political party would find Obama’s Supreme Court nominees perfectly acceptable.  In fact, the only people who would find them unacceptable would be the phony right-wing “grassroots” organizations that have spent the last eight years working to pack the court with more justices like Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.