2012 Candidates Weekly Update 2/08/11

Michele Bachmann

Health Care: Calls reform law the “crown jewel of socialism,” plots its repeal every day (Iowa Independent, 2/7).

South Carolina: Plans to address Republican groups in South Carolina (Spartanburg Herald Journal, 2/3).

House: Tense relationship between Bachmann and Speaker Boehner (US News & World Report, 2/3).

Haley Barbour

Health Care: Joins with other GOP governors to protest reform law (Reuters, 2/7).

Fundraising: Tight knit group of corporate donors finance Barbour’s PAC (Politico, 2/6).

Mike Huckabee

Foreign Affairs: Wants to redraw Mideast borders according to the Bible (WaPo, 2/7).

Iowa: Advisers from 2008 Iowa campaign not in close contact with Huckabee (Des Moines Register, 2/6).

Sarah Palin

Religious Right: CPAC-boycotters question Palin’s comments about GOProud (The Hill, 2/7).

Media: Application to trademark her name rejected (TIME, 2/7).

Fundraising: Cancels Colorado fundraiser due to “onslaught of attacks,” but ticket sales were also lagging (Denver Post, 2/5).

Ron Paul

2012: Campaign for Liberty adviser believes Paul is “seriously considering” another presidential bid (Fox News, 2/7).

Religious Right: Set to address The Family Leader lecture series (Politico, 2/7).

Tim Pawlently

DADT: Defends position in favor of reinstating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Think Progress, 2/7).

Religious Right: Brandishes is evangelical faith at far-right The Family Leader forum (AP, 2/7).

Mitt Romney

Experience: Stresses his corporate background, downplaying role as Massachusetts’s governor (Forbes, 2/7).

2012: Gathers leading supporters to discuss nomination bid (Boston Globe, 2/4).

Fundraising: Uses five different state PACs to help raise $6.3 million (The Daily Beast, 6/4).

Rick Santorum

Campaign: Outlines contrasts between himself and leading GOP contenders to show path to victory (The Daily Beast, 2/5).

Religious Right: George Will emphasizes Santorum’s success campaigning on social issues (Union Leader, 2/3).

South Carolina: Told Tea Party group that he would eliminate the 9th circuit court (TPM, 2/3).