Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 9/8/14

  • Another claim promoted by Glenn Beck gets debunked by his own website.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is being guided by Satan, according

    to a leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

  • Jesse Lee Peterson says anti-gay business owners

    should agree to provide services to gay customers, but only after telling them that they will use the money from the sale to

    make a donation to anti-gay legal groups.

  • The National Organization for Marriage’s John

    Eastman is confident that the Supreme Court will not “strike down thousands of years of history and the

    laws of 35 states, and say the Constitution, that doesn’t speak to this question, somehow mandated that every state

    redefine its institution of marriage.”

  • Bryan Fischer claims that Wendy Davis “is pro-life at the core of her conscience and is either blind to that plain fact or

    refuses to admit it.”

  • Finally, Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall has written a post on the Family Research

    Council’s blog blasting Cardinal Timothy Dolan for not objecting to the decision to allow a gay group to march in the St.

    Patrick’s Day Parade: “As society continues to disregard what America’s Founders wrote about the laws of

    Nature and Nature’s God, the moral fabric of our nation is disintegrating to the point of becoming thread bare, unable

    to hold together even the most basic values upon which our nation was founded. For a Church authority to embrace political

    correctness at such a time will have consequences which extend far beyond the parade route.”