Pat Robertson, Love Doctor

On The 700 Club today, Pat Robertson continued to play his role as a family therapist by trying help a man who wondered why his past relationships have failed despite his prayers. When he’s not busy raising conspiracy theories about President Obama, predicting the End Times or railing against gay rights, the televangelist offers advice to people in need, such as, condoning a man’s decision to divorce his wife with Alzheimers, warning people to avoid Halloween and demanding that people tithe even when they’re on the brink of bankruptcy.

Responding to a question on a man who is struggling with prayer as a result of broken relationships, Robertson dismissed his question and told him, “You’ve got a problem.” “Well it sounds like man old buddy, that you got something wrong with you,” Robertson said. “If that many women have left you, something’s wrong.”


Meeuwsen: Here’s our last question for today, Wayne says, ‘Why should I keep praying if my prayers do not get answered? I have been through several broken relationships, prayed for all of them, and none of them were healed. I feel like God is not there.’

Robertson: Well it sounds like man old buddy, that you got something wrong with you. If that many women have left you, something’s wrong. So I suggest that you examine yourself, God said ‘know yourself’ and I think you need to know yourself and maybe you got to get some Christian psychologist to give you some advice because you’ve got a problem. You know, that many women do not leave—either that or you’re picking the wrong ones, or something’s wrong with you. I recommend you get serious counseling.

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