National Center for Policy Analysis

12655 North Central Expressway, Suite 720
Dallas, TX 75243-1739

Established: 1983
President/Executive Director: John C. Goodman
Finances: $5,237,217 (total expenditures in 2001)

Employees: 22
Affiliations: NCPA is a member of the State Policy Network, a network of national and local right-wing think tanks, and of, a right-wing internet portal created by the Heritage Foundation.
Publications: NCPA sponsors two of its own syndicated columnists: Pete du Pont (Scripps Howard) and Bruce Bartlett (Creators Syndicate). Bartlett's column appears under contract twice a week in the Washington Times and in the Detroit News.

NCPA's Principal Issues:

  • A right wing think tank with programs devoted to privatization in the following issue areas: taxes, Social Security and Medicare, health care, criminal justice, environment, education, and welfare.
  • NCPA describes its close working relationship with Congress, saying it "has managed to have more than a dozen studies released by members of Congress— a rare event for a think tank— and frequently members of Congress appear at the NCPA's Capitol Hill briefings for congressional aides."
  • Right-wing foundations funding includes: Bradley, Scaife, Koch, Olin, Earhart, Castle Rock, and JM Foundations
  • In the early 90s, NCPA created the Center for Tax Studies. NCPA's website describes the inspiration for the Center: "Very few think tank studies are released by members of Congress."

NCPA's Activities and History:

  • In the early 90s, NCPA established the Center for Tax Studies.
  • NCPA's website describes the inspiration for the Center: "Very few think tank studies are released by members of Congress. One of the first NCPA exceptions was a 1990 study on how Social Security rules penalize senior citizens and discourage them from working. The study was released on Capitol Hill by more than 50 members of the House of Representatives. This was the first of many such events for the NCPA and led to the creation of the Center for Tax Studies, which makes policy recommendations that help to guide the decisions of lawmakers."
  • In the mid-90s, NCPA saw more opportunities with the new Republican Congress.
    NCPA describes its accomplishments:
  • "A package of pro-growth tax cuts, designed by the NCPA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1991, became the core of the Contract With America in 1994. Three of the five proposals (capital gains tax cut, Roth IRA and eliminating the Social Security earnings penalty) became law. A fourth proposal - rolling back the tax on Social Security benefits - passed the House of Representatives in 2000."
  • "NCPA Senior Fellow Bruce Bartlett's proposal for an across-the-board tax cut became the centerpiece of Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign and the focal point of the recent pro-growth approach to tax cuts. Bartlett's proposal also became the centerpiece of President Bush's tax cut proposal."
  • "At the request of congressional leadership, we produced a major study on the tax relief bill passed in Congress but vetoed by President Clinton."
  • "The repeal by Congress of the estate tax last year (vetoed by President Clinton) and again by the House of Representatives this year reflects the continued work of the NCPA. At the request of congressional leadership, the NCPA produced a policy backgrounder on the case for abolishing death taxes. A later NCPA study on this issue was released on Capitol Hill, timed to coincide with the Senate debate on the issue. This year, the issue is again before the Congress, with a president who strongly favors repeal."

NCPA alumni in the Bush administration:

  • Senior Fellow Thomas R. Saving was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.
  • Dr. Saving was also named to the President's Social Security Commission.

High-profile Staffers and Board Members:

High-profile board members:
Former Delaware governor Pete du Pont
Virginia Manheimer, funder of right-wing and pro-voucher organizations in New York

High-profile staffers include:
Senior Fellow Bruce Bartlett

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