Madison Project

The Madison Project (MP)
PO Box 100
Centreville, VA 20122

Established: 1994 by Michael Farris
Chairman: Michael Farris
President: Michael Bowman
Publications: We the People, a bimonthly newsletter

Madison Project's Principal Issues:

  • The Madison Project is a PAC was established to help and support new conservative "family values" anti-choice candidates, to build a "true pro-life, conservative majority."
  • Madison Project calls itself "A Political Network for Pro-Life Conservatives." [letterhead 1999]
  • The Madison Project organizes and "bundles" small contributions by individuals to amass large contributions. It is modeled after Emily's List. [We the people, nov/dec 1994]
  • Madison Project's Board of Directors include famous conservatives Paul Weyrich and Tim LaHaye. Madison Project's "Advisory Committee" is a group of congresspeople that the group helped to elect.
  • MP does not support incumbents and it often focuses on elections in its home state of Virginia.

Madison Project's Recent Activities:

Candidates MP supported in 2002 election:

MP Wins:
Senate Races:
Missouri US Senate: Jim Talent (v. Jean Carnahan)
House Races:
Colorado: 4th CD Marilyn Musgrave (v. Stan Matsanka)
Florida: 13th CD Katherine Harris (v. Jan Schneider)
New Mexico: 2nd CD Steve Pearce (v. John Arthur Smith)
New Jersey: 5th CD Scott Garrett (v. Anne Summers)
Texas: 5th CD Jeb Hensarling (v. Ron Chapman)
Senate Races:
Delaware: US Senate: Clatworthy (v. Biden)
Louisiana US Senate: Perkins (v. Landrieu)
House Races:
California: 39th CD: Tim Escobar (v. Linda Sanchez)
Kentucky: 4th CD: Geoff Davis (v. Ken Lucas)
Louisiana 5th CD: Clyde Holloway (v. Rodney Alexander)

MP's Election History:

  • In 2000, MP claims they elected 10 new pro-life Republicans to Congress. They also launched their "Vote Your Values!" get-out-the-vote project, targeting conservative religious voters in Michigan and Florida. [11-17-00]
  • In Summer 1999, MP headed a campaign to "bundle" contributions for the GOP House Managers who prosecuted the impeachment of President Clinton. MP claims it gave more money to the House Managers than their own official House Managers PAC. [11-17-00 direct mail]
  • During the 1999 primary, MP ranked #1 among pro-life organizations and #3 among 117 conservative organizations in funneling money to candidates. [ibid]
  • In 1996 MP gave $340,000 to 14 candidates, helping to elect Sam Brownback (R-KS). [MP 2/98 direct mail]
  • In 1994 MP gave $179,000 to 9 candidates. Of those nine, 4 were elected. (Steve Largent (R-OK), Mark Neumann(R-WS), Andrea Seastrand(R-CA), and Doc Hastings(R-WS).) [ibid]

About MP's Founder Michael Farris:

  • In 2001 Farris was hired by the Bush campaign as a consultant. Farris stepped down as Executive Director and named Michael Bowman, former Vice President of Government Relations at the Family Research Council. [9-24-01, direct mail]
  • Farris was responsible for arranging the instrumental Fall 1999 meeting between top conservatives and candidate George W. Bush. The meeting was an opportunity for Bush to privately reassure the far-right that they share the same values. [WT 10-8-1999]
  • Michael Farris ran a failed campaign for lieutenant governor of Virginia.
  • Farris is known for his role in the Christian conservative home schooling movement, president of the Home School Defense Association. Farris has also established a college for Christian conservative home schooled kids, Patrick Henry College.
  • Farris also served as general counsel to Concerned Women for America.

Madison Project quotes:

"Madison Project not only has a unique mission and strategy, but we have a proven record of accomplishment with over a million dollars delivered directly to candidates and many solid victories for conservatives." -Michael Farris [1-03 website]

"The Madison Project has been responsible for electing ten of the most constitutionally conservative Congressmen in history. These are men and women who are solid on the issues you and I care about the most."- Madison Project, direct mail 1-97?

"You know I have to say sincerely that I stand before you because of the Madison Project." –Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth, R-ID [1-97 direct mail]

"Madison Project put us over the hump, and for that I am eternally grateful."- Congressman Steve Largent, R-OK [direct mail 1-97]

"Together we've helped elect eight principled leaders to the U.S. House of Representatives and one to the U.S. Senate. That is nine Congressmen who, day in and day out vote for the principles you and I hold dear." –July 4, 1997 direct mail from Michael Farris on behalf of the Madison Project

""Madison Project provided me with critical funding when I needed it the most: in the primary!" -Rep. Joe Pitts (R, Penn.) [1-03 website]

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