Fischer: Muslim Reaction to Quran-Burning Proves They Are All Violent Terrorists

On Saturday, Terry Jones, senior pastor from the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida is planning on burning copies of the Quran to mark the anniversary of 9/11, despite the fact that Gen. David Petraeus says his actions could "endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort [in Afghanistan]."

The AFA's Bryan Fischer says Jones' plan is a step too far:

Pastor Terry Jones intends to burn copies of the Qur'an at his church on 9/11. It's not something I would do were I still in the pastorate, and not something I recommend.

Really?  What exactly is Fischer's standard for what is appropriate when it comes to demonizing Islam?  He's already called for the deportation of every Muslim in the US on the grounds that they are traitors and demanded an end to the construction of any mosques anywhere in America.  So why would Fischer consider burning copies of the Quran to be beyond the pale?  Especially since he seemingly supports it because it proves his point that all Muslims are violent terrorists: 

How can American lives be endangered by doing nothing more than putting a match to pieces of paper, if Islam is a religion of peace and moderation? How can this be?

When atheists and secularists like the minions of the ACLU, get the Bible banned from schools what do Christians do? They make phone calls, send emails, and go to court. What do Muslims do under similar circumstances? They start shooting and throwing bombs.

Notice as well that nobody is asking what Muslims might have done that ticked off Rev. Jones, how the Muslim world may in fact to blame for his little demonstration. Nobody is out there saying that Muslim policies are "an accessory" to his bonfire, or he is "made in the Muslim world" because of Islamic attacks against America. Nope.

Islam has defenders galore, all eager to excuse Muslim violence against Americans on the grounds that Muslims have been provoked by the West. But when Rev. Jones does nothing more than commit violence against a dead tree, he has nary a defender to say that Muslim provocation is to blame. 

So, according to Fischer, the Quran is just a book and if Muslims react badly to the idea of people burning copies of it, it just proves that Islam is inherently violent ... which itself only goes to further demonstrate why the US must take steps to strip all Muslims of their citizenship and expel them from the country.

AFA Targets 10 Year Old Parade Marshall, Fox Quotes Bryan Fischer

Last year, we wrote about Will Phillips, a 10 year old boy in Arkansas who was refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance until gays can get married and achieve full equality.

Phillips has been tapped to serve as Grand Marshall of the Northwest Arkansas Pride Parade in Fayetteville on Saturday and the American Family Association is freaking out, sending out an action alert targeting the mayor and calling it a "form of child abuse":

I am shocked to learn that the city of Fayetteville is issuing a proclamation in support of the homosexual activist group, Northwest Arkansas Pride.

It’s offensive enough to sensibilities that they are going to parade their deviant lifestyle on the streets of the city.

It’s even more abhorrent that the city is supporting it, knowing very well that the organizers of this event are exploiting children to push their radical sexualizing event.

I implore you to withdraw the proclamation and focus on issues that promote a healthy and safe lifestyle, rather than one that is risky and dangerous.


AFA President Tim Wildmon says, “It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way. He’s obviously just parroting the nonsense he’s been told by manipulative adults. For gay activists to trot out this child and make him the poster child for promoting unnatural sexual expression is a form of child abuse."

So of course Fox News picked up the story and just take one guess who they quoted:

“We believe that it goes beyond the pale for adults to exploit a 10-year-old child for dark political purposes,” said Bryan Fischer, the director of issue analysis at AFA. “He is too young to understand. There is nothing about homosexual conduct to be proud of and much to be ashamed of.”

The AFA, according to Fischer, has sent an “action alert” to its members in Arkansas, and he says they have deluged the mayor’s and city council’s office with e-mails “asking him to stop this charade.” Though there are no plans to actively protest at the parade, Fischer said, “as of noon Thursday our records show that the mayor and city council had received 12,300 e-mails asking them to stop the parade.”

I've often wondered what media outlet would be the first to quote Fischer in a story like this and if they'd even bother to mention his long history of viciously anti-gay and all around crazy statements.

I guess it should come as no surprise that the answers were: Fox News ,and No.

But in good news, Fayetteville's Mayor is refusing to bow to the AFA's pressure and Saturday’s parade will go on as scheduled.

Rep. Randy Forbes Seeks To Create A National "Prayer Caucus" Network

Earlier this week we noted that Rep. Randy Forbes had been a guest on James Dobson's new radio program where he unveiled his plan to create a series of state-level "prayer caucuses" that would monitor legislation, court rulings, and elected officials and mobilize activists to fight them.

The latest issue of World Magazine profiles Forbes and his Congressional Prayer Caucus and reports that he has already created one state-level caucus in Mississippi, with others in Virginia and Florida coming soon: 

Forbes says anti-faith groups have raised vast sums of money to pick fights with religious organizations. "For decades now people of faith have said, 'We are just working our own ministries, and we are going to wait and play defense when they come after us.' Our strategy is different. We think we need to push back."

To do so Forbes set up the nonprofit Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation to raise both awareness and money. The foundation's website, which asks churches and individuals to sign up to pray for the nation on a "digital prayer wall," also offers $5,000 annual memberships to a club called the "300"—a reference to Gideon's army in Judges.

The money funds Forbes' signature strategy: franchising out the Congressional Prayer Caucus concept to state legislatures.

Mississippi became the first state to partner with the caucus. Mississippi's GOP Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant spearheaded the effort after Forbes visited his office in February. At that meeting Forbes enticed Bryant by telling him Mississippi could help spread the movement around the country. "I immediately accepted the challenge because Mississippi is one of the most religious states in the nation," Bryant told me.

On April 22, a bipartisan group of more than three dozen Mississippi lawmakers crowded onto steps inside the state Capitol for a press conference on prayer. To make it official the state legislature even put it to a vote, unanimously passing in both the House and Senate a resolution that formed the state caucus. Next year a Senate Republican will lead the weekly prayer group while a House Democrat will take over in 2012.

Legislatures in Virginia and Florida are at work on similar partnerships.

It is through these state groups that Forbes hopes to change the debate over religion in public life. Many of the nation's legislatures already have prayer groups, but Forbes wants to bring them together into a nationwide network that tracks threats against religion. The D.C. caucus would serve as the clearinghouse where policy makers formulate and coordinate strategies.

"Here is the new world, if you send 100 lobbyists against us, we send two and a half million emails raising this issue," said Forbes. "Do you really want to fight that battle?"

GOD TV and Randall Terry Plead For Donations

Earlier this week we noted that GOD TV was desperately seeking donations in order to keep itself on the air, needing to raise more than a million dollars by the end of the week and $4 million by the end of the month.

It doesn't look like things are going very well, as they have sent out another email urgently asking for money:

We can't stress enough how critical the next few days are for the future of GOD TV and the plans God has laid out for this ministry to continue reaching the nations with the truth.

Many precious viewers have given so generously over the past few days, but we are not yet in the clear and must recover our budget shortfall of $4 million by our May 31 deadline!

As a network funded primarily through voluntary donations, the global financial crisis has hit GOD TV hard. We are asking you our faithful viewer to stand with us financially, and in prayer for a financial miracle, so that we can keep GOD TV reaching more than 160 million families worldwide.

Likewise, Randall Terry has sent out a similarly desperate plea for donations, even though having to do so in embarrassing and will only give fodder to those who mock him:

The rent payments for our office and the "St. George Barracks" must be paid; the materials we produce must be paid for; the utilities and phone bills must be paid for; the press releases that we send out -- helping to keep child killing in the news -- must be paid for.

We are on the frontlines in Washington DC, and as the secular press and media will show you, we are fighting our hearts out to save babies from murder, and to create the social tension necessary to help expedite the end of legalized child killing in America.

But frontline soldiers still need a supply line.

Right now, we need about $30,000 just to get current. In the grand scheme of what various ministries and pro-life organizations take in economically, $30,000 is not a lot of money. But for us it is.

This $30,000 is to pay printing bills (we produce a lot of material), press release bills (we get a lot of press), to reimburse travel costs, and other normal expenses.

I would ask you to step back and to consider how much this tiny band of warriors has accomplished in the last year - with minimal resources - beginning with our efforts at Notre Dame to expose and confront Obama and Notre Dame’s treachery.

If we could raise $5,000 in the next few days, we could pay some pressing, overdue bills.

Right now, we have less than $250 in the bank. We have no savings account, no credit cards, no hidden resources that we can use. We go from hand to mouth... from God's hand and your hand… to the immediate need and pressing battles we face.

Let me finish by giving a word of defiance to our adversaries and critics.

One of the reasons I hate being this honest is because a few people will mock us; a few others – “pro-lifers!” - will be happy that we are in difficulty. We embarrass them by our tenacity and our tactics; and we make them look bad because of our small successes.

But please note, I did NOT say; “We will close our doors without your help!!!”

I DID NOT say: “We cannot continue our life saving work without your help!!!” Or, “We have huge plans – plans that could change the world – and I cannot launch them without you!!!”

That type of hype and charades disgusts me.

I testify before God and men and angels:

We will stay in this fight, regardless of our resources.

We will struggle along; we will not quit;

We will not shrink back from battle during times of want.

We will fight on.

Religious Right Groups Get McDonnell to Rescind Prayer Policy for State Police Chaplains

Back in 2008, Gordon Klingenschmitt found a new crusade, demanding a reversal of the policy implemented by Virginia State Police Superintendent Col. W. Steven Flaherty telling policy chaplains to offer nondenominational prayers at department-sanctioned public events.

Chaps organized rallys protesting the policy, but to no avail ... at least until Bob McDonnell became Governor, who has now ordered the policy changed thanks to lobbying by state-based Religious Right groups:

After months of lobbying by conservative activists, Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has quietly reversed a policy banning Virginia State Police troopers from referring to Jesus Christ in public prayers.

McDonnell this afternoon sent Col. W. Steven Flaherty, the State Police superintendent, to tell the nine troopers who serve as chaplains about the change in policy.

"The Governor does not believe the state should tell chaplains of any faith how to pray,'' McDonnell spokesman Tucker Marin said. "Religious officials of all faiths should be allowed to pray according to the dictates of their own conscience, and in accordance with their faith traditions, while being respectful of the faith traditions of others.


Donald Blake, president of Virginia Christian Alliance, said last week that he spoke to McDonnell about the change at a recent fundraiser at the governor's mansion and at a private meeting with McDonnell's chief of staff Martin Kent.

Other groups, including the Family Foundation of Virginia, also support a change and have been lobbying for one. The governor's office has received a handful of letters, faxes and emails in support of a reversal.


"We are obviously thrilled that Governor McDonnell has fulfilled his campaign promise to restore the religious liberty rights of state police chaplains,'' said Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia. "His action reverses the discriminatory policy of the previous administration and ensures that chaplains can remain true to their faith at public events."

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Pat Robertson wants it known that he did not blame the earthquake in Chile on the persecution of Augusto Pinochet.
  • It's amazing how quickly people go from "I don't care who you are, this is funny" to "I deeply apologize" when they get caught for sending out racist emails.
  • Today, California State Sen. Roy Ashburn admitted he was gay, but also defended his anti-gay voting record.
  • Hannah Giles will be a featured speaker at the Franklin County [PA] Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner.
  • Conservatives hit back at Liz Cheney and company over their attacks on Justice Department lawyers.
  • Finally, Joseph Farah declares the death of CPAC.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Sarah Palin is writing another book, one that will "reflect on the key values—both national and spiritual—that have been such a profound part of her life and which continue to inform her vision of the future." I can hardly wait.
  • The Arizona Republic looks at the behind-the-scenes influence the right-wing Center for Arizona Policy has in shaping public policy in the state.
  • Do you ever get the impression that Mat Staver just doesn't like gay people?
  • Thanks to the AFA, the Chairman of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors has been inundated with more than 40,000 emails protesting the NCAA's decision to drop the Focus on the Family ad from its website.
  • The Traditional Values Coalition pretty much loses it over DADT.
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Don Feder in a lengthy attack on CPAC: " Gay rights is about indoctrinating your children in behavior that would make a proctologist gag. It’s about criminalizing dissent via speech codes and hate crimes laws. It’s a frontal assault on First Amendment free speech and religious freedom. This is freedom only in the sense that killing unborn children is choice."

Scarborough Jumps Into Houston Mayoral Race With Anti-Gay Email

The other day we noted how Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker was coming under attack from right wing anti-gay activists, among them Steve Hotze, who was a backer of Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign.

Now it looks like other Huckabee supporters are getting in on the act as well. As Towleroad reports, Rick Scarbrough of Vision America has sent out this email to Texas activists warning that Parker and others want "to recruit children to their lifestyle"::

Houston is facing the most critical city elections in its history. As a minister of the Gospel and a concerned former citizen of Houston, whose children and grandchildren live there, I am writing this letter to warn you of the devastating consequences which may occur if you overlook the threat which the December 12th runoff elections pose for the city of Houston. You will have two choices when you vote.

The Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered (GLBT) Political Caucus has fielded a slate of endorsed candidates in the City of Houston Runoff Elections. They are searching the city for votes for their candidates and if successful, Houston will become increasingly like the city of San Francisco.

The Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered (GLBT) Political Caucus Slate

Mayor – Annise Parker
City Controller – Ron Green

City Council Races:
District A – Lane Lewis
District F – Mike Laster
At Large Position 1 – Karen Derr
At Large Position 2 – Sue Lovell
At Large Position 5 – Jolanda Jones
HISD School Board Position 1 – Alma Lara
HISD School Board Position 9 – Adrian Collins

Money is pouring in from homosexual groups around the country who want Houston to become the San Francisco of the South.

The Homosexual Agenda

1. Legalize same sex marriage.

2. Mandate public acceptance of the homosexual activities.

3. Teach homosexuality to school children, starting in kindergarten, as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle. This is known as multisexualism. This enables homosexuals to recruit children to their lifestyle.

4. Lower or remove age of consent laws leading to relaxation of laws prohibiting pedophilia. See /

5. Elevate homosexuals to a minority class, leading to affirmative action for homosexuals in the workplace. Cross dressers could force employers to accept their actions at work.

6. Prohibit any speech which opposes homosexual activity. This would be considered “hate speech” and have criminal sanctions. This would destroy 1st Amendment free speech rights for those who oppose homosexual conduct and the homosexual political movement.

7. Require employee benefits to be provided to same sex partners.

8. Elect candidates to office who will work to implement the homosexual agenda.

If you DO NOT support the homosexual agenda and do not want Houston to become another San Francisco, then please consider voting for the following candidates:

Recommended Slate of Candidates

Mayor – Gene Locke
City Controller – M.J. Khan

City Council Races:
District A – Brenda Stardig
District F – Al Hoang
At Large Position 1 – Stephen C. Costello
At Large Position 2 – Andrew C. Burks, Jr.
At Large Position 5 – Jack Christie
HISD School Board Position 1 – Anna Eastman
HISD School Board Position 9 – Lawrence Marshall

If people who hold to traditional values neglect to vote in this election, the results will be far reaching. The above list of candidates is not perfect by any measure, but I strongly recommend them over the alternative. This election illustrates like few others why good men and women must stay engaged as concerned citizens.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Please forward this to your family and friends on your e-mail distribution lists.


Dr. Rick Scarborough
President of Vision America Action

The People Have Spoken: Palin in 2012

Gary Bauer reports the shocking news that Sarah Palin is the Religious Right's choice for President in 2012:

My Inbox was overflowing this morning with responses to yesterday’s question on preferred presidential candidates in 2012 – and they are still pouring in. But as my staff worked furiously to sort through the barrage of e-mails, two things stood out.

First, I was surprised by the wide range of names that came back. Granted we asked a very open-ended question, but folks obviously are thinking outside the box and willing to consider many options. Quite a few people insisted on a fresh face, such as Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, who tied for fifth place with Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Other suggestions included Senators John Thune and Jim DeMint, as well as General David Petraeus.

Nevertheless, the final results were quite surprising. There was a spirited contest for second place with Mike Huckabee edging Mitt Romney, while Newt Gingrich finished fourth. But to say there was a clear favorite is an understatement. In fact, one individual got more votes than the other 23 names combined. If my emails and her book sales are any indication, Sarah Palin has a very bright future indeed!

And it's not just emails to Bauer that Palin dominates, as she's also running away with this OneNewsNow poll:

I think the GOP should just do away with its primary process entirely and simply pick its next presidential candidate based solely on the contents of Gary Bauer's email inbox. 

Of course, in 2000 and 2008, Bauer was John McCain's biggest (and pretty much only) Religious Right supporter... and that didn't work out too well for McCain either time.  

Note To FRC: You Are Not Alone In Getting Hate Mail

Honestly, has the Family Research Council never received angry messages before?  It sure seems that way, given that they are highlighting this voicemail they recently received on their blog, in their Washington Update, and even in a stand alone press release:

I read about your, uh, homophobic comments, and I just gotta give you some advice. It's not a good idea to be, uh, an intolerant bigot s*****g. Uh, because, you know, you reap what you sow and when you start spreadin' hate against other people, that's exactly what you're gonna get back. And, you know, who knows what effect that could have on you, or your family, or your office, you know, on G Street? Uh, just a bit of advice for ya. You should really learn, really-stop bein' such a redneck piece of ****.

Granted, that is not a very nice message and it even seems to contain a vague threat, but if FRC thinks that is bad, they ought to see some of the messages we get here at RWW.  And frankly the messages we get here don't even begin to compare to the hate directed at groups like ACORN:

Hi, I was just calling to let you all know that Barack Obama needs to get hung. He's a f*****g n****r, and he's a piece of s**t. You guys are fraudulent, and you need to go to hell. All the n*****s on oak trees. They're gonna get all hung honeys, they're gonna get assassinated, they're gonna get killed.

If FRC feels the message it received constituted a threat, they should contact the authorities.  But they really ought to stop acting as if getting hate messages is uncommon or as if they are the only group receiving such messages.

How Not To Spread Rumors On The Internet

In yesterday's "Newscall" post on the Family Research Council's "Cloakroom" blog, Krystle Weeks, FRC's web editor, included this item: asks a good question: Does Obama plan to spy on social networking sites? After all, CNet, there is a bill proposed in the Senate that would give the President emergency control of the internet.

I have a question of my own:  did Weeks even bother to read the Hot Air article?  Because if she had, she would have known that Hot Air was not "asking" this question, but was rather debunking this claim, which is being circulated by the National Legal and Policy Center:

NLPC has uncovered a plan by the White House New Media operation to hire a technology vendor to conduct a massive, secret effort to harvest personal information on millions of Americans from social networking websites.

The information to be captured includes comments, tag lines, emails, audio, and video. The targeted sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and others – any space where the White House “maintains a presence.”

Ed Morrissey points out that NLPC's claims are entirely bogus:

I’m not sure that highlighting a public contract offer amounts to “uncovering” a conspiracy, especially since their analysis turns out to be faulty. Contrary to NLPC’s take, the contractor would be collecting data required to be kept by the White House — by law.


Which brings us to the common-sense check on the rumor. How much time and resources would it take to effectively monitor every entry on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and every blog in the blogosphere? And to do that secretly, while archiving all of it? The NSA would have to take that on full time, and even then … best of luck just keeping up with the archiving, let alone surveillance ... [T]his is nothing more than a big, pointless archiving project, one which may stimulate the economy of a handful of people, but otherwise inconsequential. There are a lot of good reasons to be worried about the Obama administration, but this doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Note to Weeks: if you are going to try to spread unfounded rumors about the Obama administration, be sure to link to the people creating those rumors, not the people debunking them. 

Trying to Set the Record Straight About Efforts to Try and Set the Record Straight

Earlier this week, in an attempt to rebut all the lies and misinformation being spread about health care reform, the White House asked people to send them examples of the sorts of things they are seeing so that the administration could help set the record straight:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Now, that seems pretty simple and self-explanatory, but as Steve Benen noted, nothing is simple when dealing with the Right because it is impossible "to anticipate just how paranoid some people will choose to be":

This hardly seemed controversial. There's an aggressive campaign underway to mislead Americans, and the White House wants to help set the record straight. If some especially pernicious lies are making the rounds, folks can let the White House know directly, so officials can get the truth out.

Except, that's not how the right sees it. RedState interpreted this to mean "the White House wants you to report ... anybody publicly opposing" health care reform. Soon after, Rush Limbaugh had embraced the same line, and Malkin wasn't far behind. Naturally, Drudge joined the fun.

By late yesterday, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was asserting that the White House wants Americans to report on each other. Today, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) appears to have completely lost his mind.

Cornyn says this practice would let the White House collect personal information about people who oppose the President.

"By requesting citizens send 'fishy' emails to the White House, it is inevitable that the names, email, addresses, IP addresses and private speech of U.S. citizens will be reported to the White House," Cornyn wrote in a letter to Obama. "You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program."

Cornyn asked Obama to cease the program immediately, or at the very least explain what the White House would do with the information it collects.

This is what politics in America in the 21st century has come to

Today, Tony Perkins released a video statement about this White House effort, suggesting that it was part of a plot "to intimidate and if possible silence their opponents":

The White House apparently subscribes to Vince Lombardi’s idea that the best defense is a good offense. The widespread opposition to the Presidents proposed takeover of health care has apparently blind sided the administration and is causing panic over the prospects the whole plan could be sacked by the American public.

As a result the White House is striking back. Macon Phillips on the White House blog wrote, “Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet.” he goes on to say that “since we cant keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help.” Phillips goes on to ask individuals to send the White House any email or health care message on the web that seems fishy.

Fishy? If there is anything fishy it is the White House wanting people to help them keep track of those who oppose the government takeover of health care. Is the White House is simply wanting to keep a scrapbook of the emails that primarily quote the President and the legislation that he is pushing, or is it possible they are simply looking to use this information to intimidate and if possible silence their opponents?

In essence, a White House effort to try and clarify right-wing misinformation and lies about health care reform has now itself become the subject of a right-wing misinformation campaign.

UPDATE: The ACLJ has now issued its own statement demanding that President Obama repudiate this "attempt to stifle the free speech of Americans" and "intimidate" conservatives:

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), focusing on constitutional law, today called on President Obama to repudiate comments made by his Director of New Media – comments that call on Americans to report those who make “fishy” statements about health care. The ACLJ asserts that the official White House release is an attack on free speech and designed to stifle public debate about the health care issue – including growing concerns from Americans opposed to making abortion services mandatory health benefits.

“This is a very troubling attempt to stifle the free speech of Americans who have the constitutional right to express their opinion and concerns about health care,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ. “This move is an attempt to intimidate those who have legitimate concerns about the health care plan. And, worse, it turns the White House into some sort of self-appointed ‘speech police’ – urging Americans to monitor and report those who engage in ‘fishy’ speech. What will the Obama Administration do with those names? Who will be ‘flagged’ next? President Obama must reject this assault on free speech. It’s not only wrong, it directly contradicts his repeated promise to conduct a more open and transparent government.”


“In a nutshell, the White House is asking Americans to report on their neighbors, family, and friends who disagree with the President’s policy choices on health care,” said Sekulow. “The White House is also implying that you should think twice before sending an email disagreeing with the President, since it might end up being forwarded to them. The White House email address says it all – let’s ‘flag’ those who disagree with us. This new White House reporting program strikes at the heart of the First Amendment and has no place in this important debate about health care.”

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Religious Right's healthcare webcast was held last night and you can listen to the audio here. It was apparently such a success that the Family Research Council has decided to hold its own webcast next week.
  • Boy, it seems like Republicans can't even send around racist emails about President Obama any more with getting into loads of trouble.  What is this world coming to?
  • Al Mohler explains why the Southern Baptists aren't going to be changing their stance on the role of women in the faith any time soon: "Ultimately, I'm not so fearful that the times will judge us as I'm aware that God will judge us, and I hope with all my heart that he will find our church is faithful to his word."
  • Alan Chambers talks to Focus on the Family about his new book Leaving Homosexuality: "The key thought here is the opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality. It’s holiness. There are people who are conflicted with their sexuality, involved with homosexuality, and there is a way out for those who want it. But it doesn’t say that they’re going into heterosexuality, because that’s not the point. The point is that people can leave whatever it is that God calls less than His best and move into something that is His best, becoming more like He is."

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Matthew Yglesias explains that "conservatives love activist judges - they just prefer when they advance the interests of white people."
  • Think Progress: Glenn Beck complains about softball questions to Sotomayor on day that no questions were asked.
  • Media Matters provides an updated list of the myths and falsehoods surrounding the Sotomayor nomination.
  • Talking Points Memos looks at emails showing how conservative media outlets initially dismissed the Mark Sanford story and offered to help him and his staff spin it.
  • Hilzoy is retiring from blogging. Our loss.
  • Jeremy is unmoved by MassResistance's allegation that Google is "blocking" its blog.
  • Finally, Pat Robertson declares that he won't shed a tear if the "Episcopal Church of America just quietly goes out of business" due to its support for gay rights:

Manuel Miranda Makes Republican Enemies

Yesterday we noted that Manuel Miranda and his Third Branch Conference (formerly known as the National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters) had returned and sent a letter to Republican Senators demanding that they carry out a "traditional filibuster" against Sonia Sotomayor.

Though the letter was signed by more than a hundred right-wing leaders and activists, Miranda is and always has been the leader of these efforts ... and now he's taking his demands one step further:

[I]n an interview with POLITICO, Manuel Miranda – who orchestrated the letter – went much farther, saying that Mitch McConnell should “consider resigning” as Senate minority leader if he can’t take a harder line on President Barack Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee.

Miranda accused McConnell of being “limp-wristed” and “a little bit tone deaf” when it comes to judicial nominees.

"Limp-wristed" seems to be Miranda's insult of choice when it comes to sitting US Senators, because it is the same term he used in attacking Sen. Orrin Hatch several years ago when Hatch refused to defend Miranda when he was forced to resign from his positon on the Hill when it was learned that he had improperly obtained hundreds of internal Democratic memos:

I do admit that reading Democrats' documents on an unprotected server to help defend the president's embattled nominees was political hardball, and I have learned that one shouldn't play hardball with a limp-wristed team captain. 

It seems as if Miranda is not only calling out leading Senators like McConnell, but other right-wing judicial groups as well:

Miranda also declined to ask the Judicial Confirmation Network, one of the leading conservative judicial groups, to sign on to his letter, calling the group “an arm of [Republican] leadership” in the Senate.

Wendy Long of the Judicial Confirmation Network said the group is not affiliated with the leadership and said she didn’t “really understand” the comment.

Now, we'll agree that the JCN is essentially an arm of the Senate Republicans, but they have also been among the most vocal critics of President Obama's judicial nominees David Hamilton and Sonia Sotomayor.  They've also led the charge against several of his Department of Justice nominees, including Dawn Johnsen David Ogden, and Elena Kagan.

While we obviously have fundamental disagreements with the Judicial Confirmation Network, nobody can deny that they have been leading the right-wing opposition to President Obama on these issues and have a far greater impact than does Miranda and his gaggle of letter-signers.  

And it seems as if Miranda's superiority complex is, not surprisingly, starting to alienate people:

Miranda, now the chairman of the conservative Third Branch Conference, served as counsel to McConnell’s predecessor, then-Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist. He left that job in 2004 amid allegations that he improperly accessed thousands of memos and emails from Democratic staffers – circumstances McConnell’s supporters recalled as they pushed back hard against Miranda’s arguments Monday.

“It’s unfortunate that one disgraced former employee of previous Senate leadership has decided to air out his grievances rather than join the conservative effort to examine Judge Sotomayor’s record,” said a senior GOP Senate aide. “Not only did this guy steal the Democrats’ playbook, he seems to be implementing it.”

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Michael Steele just might luck out - meanwhile he's getting support from Sarah Palin ... and being mocked by Dana Milbank.
  • Two people arrested during the protests at Notre Dame are still sitting in jail, refusing bail and vowing to remain there until their hearing in three weeks.
  • Tony Perkins insists that his Call 2 Fall is not political, but Adelle Banks notes that his emails to supporters seem to suggest otherwise.
  • Speaking of FRC, they and Americans United for Life are sponsoring a pre-ALEC event for state legislators in July just before the annual ALEC Conference in order to inform legislators "about the key life and family issues affecting your state" and "discuss the latest legislative initiatives and state legislative trends."
  • The John Birch Society rips into the Religious Right for turning Carrie Prejean into a movement hero.
  • Finally, allow me to apologize for the lack of posts today, but I was having various computer problems.  Also, I'll be on vacation until next Wednesday ... so don't let the Right do anything crazy  while I’m gone.

The Time Has Come to Panic

I've written several posts recently debunking the claim that the James Dobson and, by extension, the Religious Right are about to throw in the towel. While the Republicans are out of power at the moment and the Religious Right is growing fearful that it is being marginalized as the GOP seeks to regain its footing, that didn't mean they had any intention of giving up the fight.  As Dobson put it recently, "we're not going anywhere."

And they aren't, but it looks like the Right's irrelevance at the moment is starting to absolutely terrify its leadership. That's because, as Dan Gilgoff reports, Dobson is admitting that they have no power at the moment and cannot prevent the "utter evil," by which he meant things like hate crimes legislation, coming from Congress from getting passed and he literally cannot understand what is happening to this nation:

I've been on the air for 32 years and I've never seen a time quite like this. It just illustrates what happens when we don't have what the Founding Fathers referred to as checks and balances, where the excesses of one party or one branch of government limit the reach of power hungry and self-serving people and keeps them form doing things that are harmful to the country. That's the way the system was designed. We have 2 major political parties in this country, not one. And bipartisanship is a media creation that's designed to promote one point of view instead of the debate that should occur. And that's why media doesn't talk about bipartisanship when conservatives are in power...[today] the radical left controls the executive branch through the president, and the Congress... and the Judiciary through the courts... now they control it all, including every department of government. As a result, the legislation that should shock the nation, if people were paying attention, is being rushed into law.


I want to tell you up front that we're not going to ask you to do anything, to make a phone call or to write a letter or anything.

There is nothing you can do at this time about what is taking place because there is simply no limit to what the left can do at this time. Anything they want, they get and so we can't stop them.

We tried with [Health and Human Services Secretary] Kathleen Sebelius and sent thousands of phone calls and emails to the Senate and they didn't pay any attention to it because they don't have to. And so what you can do is pray, pray for this great nation... As I see it, there is no other answer. There's no other answer, short term.

Of course, this isn't to say that Focus on the Family isn't trying to prevent passage of hate crimes legislation, because they are

In fact, Dobson dedicated most of his program to this legislation as he was joined by Tom Minnery, Gary Bauer, Rep. Louie Gohmert, and Rep. Steve King, who then proceeded to spread just about every right-wing lie about this legislation. Listening to the program, the sense of panic among the group was palpable:

Dobson: I love my country. And I love the institution of the family. And I love the church. And I love the clergy. And almost every good thing is under attack today.

Gohmert: And I'm told sometimes, when I get passionate and upset about this, that I don't sound as sane as I would like to.

Dobson: Are you kidding? What you're doing is desperately needed and there are very few people who are willing to say it like it is.

Bauer: We need about 250 members of Congress as insane as you.

Gohmert: But, you know, this is the way we lose nations. It's like Colson said several years ago: "you cannot have the morality of Woodstock and not expect a Columbine."  Or not expect a Madoff. You can't have those morals and not get where we are today and so we've got a tough fight ahead of us, but I know in my heart, in my soul, that we can have another 200 years, but there is only one way - and that's if we have another awakening.  If we don't, I'm not sure what's left.

Dobson says he's "never seen a time quite like this" and I have to agree because I have never seen the Religious Right as utterly terrified as it is at the moment.

Update: Media Matters has posted this clip of Dobson once again claiming the legislation would protect necrophilia, pedophilia, and incest:

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters has put together a lengthy list of the myths and falsehoods advanced by the media about the Supreme Court.
  • Eric Boehlert reports that the Washington Times has now fully retracted the bogus editorial they wrote last week about President Obama's poll number.
  • Sarah Poser points to evidence of aggressive proselytizing within the US military.
  • AU catches CWA's Wendy Wright saying that Obama's failure to host an official National Day of Prayer event justifies their suspicions about his faith and claiming that "he should put his own lack of faith aside and live up to the office."
  • Steve Benen notes that when Rush Limbaugh says "jump," GOP leaders say "how high?"
  • Jeremy responds to the new Cornerstone Policy Research anti-marriage ad with a good ad of his own.
  • Finally, based on our own experience, I expect that Anonymous Liberal will soon be getting lots of emails from the Ethics and Public Policy Center demanding changes and retractions for daring to write about Ed Whelan.

Your Risk-Free Way To Survive The Coming Global Collapse

One of the “perks” of this job is that we end up on lots of right-wing email lists and then our email addresses are sold to others who use those lists to pitch all sorts of fringe ideas and products, which means that our inboxes get cluttered with rambling, over-the-top messages like this one recently sent out through Townhall:

This briefing is a critical, time-sensitive warning.  Please read what I am about to say carefully, because your very life may depend on it.

A whole lot of already shell-shocked people are going to learn the hard way that the veneer of “civilization” is far thinner than most realize.

U.S. Preparing a Military Response to Coming Social Chaos

As the shocking confidential information contained in this briefing shows, the threat of social meltdown and chaos is so large a domestic law-enforcement arm of the U.S. military (referred to by The Army Times as the "Consequence Management Response Force") has been created to deal with what U.S. officials believe to be a coming, unprecedented wave of massive social chaos.

Later I'll show you why many Washington insiders (including officials directly involved in homeland security) are personally making emergency preparations for social chaos. In addition, outgoing Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson told Sen. James Inhofe and Rep. Brad Sherman that so much financial mayhem lies ahead U.S. troops may have to impose martial law to deal with social unrest.

Yes, U.S. Officials Are Quietly Preparing for BIG Trouble Ahead

A new report by the Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute states flatly the U.S. military must prepare for "a violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States" that could be provoked by "unforeseen economic collapse" or "loss of functioning political and legal order."

Late last year, The Washington Post noted the incoming Obama Administration is going to "earmark" at least 20,000 troops returning from Iraq to deal with "domestic emergencies." Since then, the Army Times has broken the story that the domestic emergency army unit has been increased to 80,000 troops, who are being trained right now in Georgia.

In short, U.S. officials expect big trouble ahead — but they are not warning the general public about the danger (much less urge the unsuspecting masses to make basic preparations).

A rare critic of the government's keep-the-public-in-the-dark mentality is former head of the U.S. Commission on National Security, Stephen Flynn.  He noted in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial: "Too many officials believe telling the truth to Americans about the risk would set off a nationwide panic. Thus, they keep us sheep in the dark for our own good."

Boiled down, you need a real plan to deal with massive social dislocations that are headed our way. And you need to get started right now, because the government isn't going to give you a heads-up.

My name is Lee Bellinger, publisher of the monthly financial, health, and taxation intelligence advisory Independent Living. In my two decades of publishing discreet information about threats to your liberty, health and prosperity, never before have we produced as important a document as my best-selling Social Chaos Survival Guide: Smart, Savvy Precautions To Make You Self-Reliant in These Dangerous Times.

This is literally the first one-tenth of the email, which goes on for another fourteen pages and five thousand words.  It’s not even worth trying to debunk this nonsense because it is a) so obviously insane and b) too easy … like merely pointing out that quote attributed to Flynn comes from a five year old op-ed he co-wrote with Warren Rudman, Leslie Gelb, and Gary Hart urging Congress to stop playing politics with the Department of Homeland Security and its spending priorities.

But on and on it goes about how society is about to “come completely unglued,” food, gas, and medicine are going to disappear, and that the government will be forced to unveil a “draconian response to social chaos … when all hell breaks loose.”  

But of course, there is hope in the form of Bellinger’s “Social Chaos Survival Guide” which tells you how to stockpile food and water, plan your escape route, and live off the land … all for the low price of $79.

And here’s where it gets really odd:

Enter your risk-free trial subscription to Independent Living for two full years for a mere $79 (24 information-packed issues at an inflation-busting rate) and I will rush you the 2009 edition of my Social Chaos Survival Guide. And as always, this offer comes with my full guarantee of your total and complete satisfaction.

So society as we know it is about to disintegrate, but Bellinger can offer me a “risk-free” subscription of his insights? And a two year one at that? When the world crumbles, how exactly is Bellinger still going to be able to not only produce his books, newsletters, and DVDs, but also get them delivered to me?  To where, the cave I’m living in?

Anyway, the most entertaining aspect of this screed is just who Bellinger seems to think his target audience is, considering that while we received it via Townhall, it has also been sent out to Newsmax and GOP USA readers as well.

Notre Dame Unleashes a Fury

On Friday, the University of Notre Dame announced that President Obama would speak at the university’s Commencement Ceremony in May and, not surprisingly, anti-choice activists are absolutely livid.

The Cardinal Newman Society has lunched a petition to “halt this travesty immediately”:

It is an outrage and a scandal that "Our Lady's University," one of the premier Catholic universities in the United States, would bestow such an honor on President Obama given his clear support for policies and laws that directly contradict fundamental Catholic teachings on life and marriage ... Notre Dame has chosen prestige over principles, popularity over morality. Whatever may be President Obama's admirable qualities, this honor comes on the heels of some of the most anti-life actions of any American president, including expanding federal funding for abortions and inviting taxpayer-funded research on stem cells from human embryos.

The Pro-Life Action League has announced that “If Notre Dame does not disinvite Obama … the Notre Dame campus can expect a massive pro-life protest on graduation day” while the American Life League declares the invitation to be a “disgrace to every Catholic in the United States” and promises to “do all in our power to activate our supporters and friends across the country to cease their funding of Notre Dame University if the school does not rescind their invitation.”

And, never one to be outdone, Randall Terry weighed in to liken Obama to Herod and the Pharaoh and announce that he is re-locating to South Bend with the intent of making the university’s life a living hell:

[W]ould Notre Dame invite Herod to speak -- after he tried to kill Our Lady's Son, and slaughtered the Innocents in Bethlehem?  Would Notre Dame invite Pharaoh to speak -- after he ordered the drowning of Jewish boys in the Nile?  If not, how can they justify this invitation to President Obama?

We are not going to take this lying down; and we are not going to simply send emails and make phone calls. By week's end, we will have an office open and fully staffed in South Bend.  From that office, we will have nonstop activism geared to derail this invitation, and to make life miserable for those at Notre Dame who betrayed the Faith and the Innocent.

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Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 02/03/2011, 11:45am
One of the unintended results of running this blog is that we sometimes get mistaken for the Religious Right groups that we monitor.  If you do a Google search for "Faith 2 Action" or "Generals International," for example, you see that a link to our posts about those groups tend to show up near the top of the search results.  As such, we frequently get emails mistakenly sent to us that are intended for them ... usually, angrily demanding that they stop mailing and/or calling them seeking donations. And nine times out ten, these emails are intended for the... MORE
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Within hours of the release of Lila Rose's latest hoax video attack on Planned Parenthood, Religious Right anti-choice leaders had already lined-up in support and began using it to demand that the organization be de-funded. Taking down Planned Parenthood has been a primary goal of the Religious Right for years and it looks like plans have been in the works to exploiting this latest video for some time now, because these same leaders have already launched a new effort called Expose Planned Parenthood complete with its own website: Anti-abortion groups will launch today an aggressive campaign... MORE
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