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On Judges, GOP Senate Finally Breaks Into Double Digits

There is no good reason that today's judicial confirmation vote is only the tenth of the year.

Pat Toomey's Insulting Explanation for Withholding Blue Slips

Does Toomey think his constituents won’t realize that his explanation makes no sense?

An Anniversary Pat Toomey Should Be Ashamed Of

Pat Toomey has spent a year helping his party obstruct the nomination of L. Felipe Restrepo, who he says he supports.

Grassley's Moves Against Democratic Senators' Judicial Nominees

Democratic senators learn the hard way that a committee chairman prerogatives can be abused.

See, It's Not So Hard to Be Fair to Judicial Nominees!

You shouldn’t have to be Chuck Grassley’s hand-picked judges to get fair treatment from the Judiciary Committee.

Senate GOP Deigns to Allow One Judicial Confirmation Vote

Why are Senate Republicans limiting today’s vote to just one judicial nominee?

Leapfrog Day at the Judiciary Committee

Judicial nominees shouldn’t have to be hand-picked by Chuck Grassley to deserve a timely committee hearing.

Grassley's Leapfrogging Hurts Everyone, Especially Pennsylvanians

Chuck Grassley is playing self-serving and partisan games with our nation’s nonpartisan judiciary.

On Judicial Confirmations, 4 ≠ 21

No amount of talking points can obscure the fact that Republicans are slow-walking President Obama's judicial nominees.

Toomey Can Protect the 3rd Circuit from Having Two Simultaneous Vacancies

Will Pat Toomey urge his colleagues to confirm Phil Restrepo before a second vacancy opens on the Third Circuit?

Cornyn and Cruz Haven't Helped Their Own Judicial Nominee

Nearly three months after unanimous committee approval, a Texas nominee still has not gotten a confirmation vote.

Long Past Time to Let 3rd Circuit Nominee Restrepo Have His Hearing

Grassley should include Judge Restrepo at next week's judicial nominations hearing.

Grassley Threatening to Shut Down His Minimal Actions on Judges in Mid-2016

Grassley, already slow-walking judicial nominations, suggests he will shut the process down altogether in July 2016.

More of the Same, As Grassley Delays More Judicial Nominees

Grassley needlessly delays a committee vote on judicial nominees, just as Republicans have done for almost every one of Obama's judicial nominees.

Where is Pat Toomey on Phil Restrepo's Nomination?

Five months into Pennsylvanian Phil Restrepo's nomination, Chuck Grassley has not scheduled a hearing. What is Pat Toomey doing to help?

Why Only Two Judges for Hearings This Week?

With judicial vacancies climbing and many nominees available, why is Chuck Grassley only allowing two nominees to have hearings this week?

GOP Senate Moving Obama's Judges Slower than Democrats Moved Bush's

By this same point in Bush's last two years, the Democratic Judiciary Committee had already advanced ten judicial nominees to the full Senate.

More Delay on the Restrepo Nomination

The Judiciary Committee shouldn't blame its inaction on judicial nominations on the attorney general nomination.

Republican Inaction as Judicial Emergencies Jump

With five new judicial emergencies announced this morning, Senate Republicans should do more to move judicial nominations.

Thursday is Test Day for Senate Judiciary Republicans

Will Senate Republicans still needlessly delay scheduled judicial nomination committee votes now that they are in the majority?
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Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 03/31/2009, 4:52pm
Dan Gilgoff reports that retired NFL Coach Tony Dungy, who endorsed an Indiana ballot initiative banning gay marriage in 2007 and accepted an award from the right-wing Indiana Family Institute, has been invited to join the White House's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. We have released a statement criticizing the move, as has Americans United - and Pastor Dan likewise disapproves and Sarah Posner says the White House is running low on slots to "represent a cross-section of American religion."As Steve Benen says "It's had to argue with logic like that.... MORE >
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/21/2008, 3:48pm
Normally, merely being a Republican Senator from any state in the nation would all but assure said Senator of getting a spot on his or her state’s delegation to the Republican National Convention in September.  But not if you are Charles Grassley of Iowa and your state party has been taken over by right-wing zealots who are upset about your investigation into potential financial improprieties at several high-profile televangelist ministries:    Evangelical Christians in Iowa, dominant in the state's Republican Party, have denied Sen. Charles E. Grassley his... MORE >
, Tuesday 05/22/2007, 3:24pm
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has withdrawn from an effort to disentangle Baptists from partisan politics – citing politics. Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and a Southern Baptist pastor, was invited and expected to attend a meeting of the New Baptist Covenant organized by former President Jimmy Carter to bring together members of the North American Baptist Fellowship, African-American Baptists, the Southern Baptist Convention – which was “taken over” by theological (and, largely, political) conservatives more than 20 years ago... MORE >