President Romney Would Build 'O'Reilly Special' Border Fence

Yesterday, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” and bonded with host Bill O’Reilly about building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

O'REILLY: Are you going to do it? If you're the next president we’re gonna …

ROMNEY: This Congress is going to do it, too. We're going to build a wall. But that's not enough.

O'REILLY: The Mitt Romney memorial wall.

ROMNEY: It may be a fence. I will call it the Bill O'Reilly special.

O'REILLY: Then nobody will come.

ROMNEY: That's right.

O'REILLY: Nobody will come. They'll go, O'Reilly Wall, ain't coming.

Romney and O'Reilly's finger

Watch the video: Broadband or Dial-Up.

“We like your immigration stance. We think you are very good on that. Governor, you are welcome any time. Thanks for coming in,” added O’Reilly. Romney, a potential 2008 presidential candidate, had declared September 19 “Fox News Channel Day.”

Miller Time for Right: Anti-Immigrant Boycott Targets Beer

Champagne of Beers After Miller Brewing Company briefly faced criticism for donating to Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin), architect of the draconian House immigration reform bill, the company turned around and donated money towards a pro-immigrant rally in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported. Despite the company’s denial, the Right Wing reacted quickly, calling for a national boycott of Miller beer. “The last thing we need is more illegal aliens driving drunk and killing American citizens,” said Jason Mrocheck of

Now is calling on its members to join a boycott of Miller beer, offering specific steps consumers can take at bars and other locations, such as:

If you patronize bars, go and comment loudly to your friends so other patrons can hear you say, "NO, don't buy me a Miller! They support illegal aliens, and I won't give ONE RED CENT to Miller! Why would I want to buy beer from a company that sells out American values?!!!"

Limbaugh Admits to Republican Voter Deception, Blames Democrats

On his radio show yesterday, comedian Rush Limbaugh encouraged Republican efforts to deliberately disenfranchise voters.
I mean, you take a look at the average Democrat voter registration drive, you can take for every hundred thousand voters they register, the cumulative IQ would probably be less than a pencil eraser. So when it comes time for the election, half of them can be fooled in saying, "No, it's not Election Day. It's tomorrow, Wednesday." And they show up on Wednesday to vote when the polls are closed, and the Democrats claim a trick has been played on them. That's how stupid some of their voters are.
Limbaugh then pointed out a specific example of a ‘successful’ campaign to deny registered Democrats the right to vote:
You think I'm lying? That happened. Republicans did a dirty trick and sent a flier out a week early and said due to unfortunate circumstances, certain precincts, Election Day will be held on Wednesday, blah, blah, blah, blah. Democrats heard about it, this is such a dirty trick. They were worried because they knew it would work, because half their voters are stupid idiots! They have to be when you look at the way they vote.
Right-wing voter suppression campaigns are nothing new. People For the American Way Foundation’s latest report, The New Face of Jim Crow: Voter Suppression in America, highlights methods of intimidation and deception such as this, plus budding legislative proposals that would keep eligible voters, many of them African- American, from the polls. Supporters of these proposals claim they are to bringing “integrity” to the process, but can the Right really be trusted to bring “integrity” to election reform while Mr. Limbaugh brags about the ease with which his friends work to suppress the vote? One would hope that Mr. Limbaugh would feel compelled to report such egregious violations of the law to the proper authorities. In the alternative, now that Mr. Limbaugh has indicated his knowledge of, or complicity in, voter fraud, perhaps the feds should pay him a visit.

No Service

According to USA Today, some taxi drivers serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport are refusing for what they say are religious reasons (the drivers are identified as Muslims from Somalia) to pick up passengers who are carrying or suspected of carrying bottles of alcohol.  According to an airport spokesperson, "Travelers often feel surprised and insulted.  Sometimes, several drivers in a row refuse carriage."  Rather than insist that the drivers transport all passengers (and isn't that their job?), airport authorities have been sending the refusing drivers to the back of the waiting cab line.  The drivers are unhappy, so authorities are considering allowing the refusers to change the lights on their car roofs, "possibly to a different color," to indicate they won't transport alcohol-carrying passengers.  So who will authorities allow drivers to refuse to pick up next?  Women who aren't dressed “properly”?  People they think are gay?  Teenagers with nose rings?  Where does it stop? 

Gary Bauer Belittles Religious Left

The “Values Voter Summit” speaker and former presidential candidate calls “liberal elite” Red Letter Christiansintolerant” of Right Wing.

Wisconsin Mayor Retreats from 'Illegal Alien Task Force'

Hazleton-like ordinance in Arcadia would have targeted landlords, regulated flag-flying.

Anti-ACLU Activist Predicts 'Easy' Anti-Immigrant Court Case in Hazleton

Pennsylvania town is working closely with Right.

Family Research Council Calls on Churches to Do More Politics

“Liberty Sunday” simulcast (October 15) will promote church involvement in 2006 elections.

Sen. Brownback Calls on South Dakotans to Uphold Total Abortion Ban

Says it “will really strengthen the pro-life movement” if ban is not repealed in referendum.

Attack on the Courts

Phyllis Schlafly -- arch conservative, opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment, and founder of the right wing Eagle Forum -- is going after "supremacist judges" on the lower federal courts.  Apparently, as far as Schlafly is concerned, a "supremacist judge" is one who applies the Constitution and laws to reach a decision that Schlafly simply does not like.  And since equality for all is high on Schlafly's list of no-nos, judges who have the temerity to apply this country's anti-discrimination laws as they were intended to be applied have now become "supremacists."  Thus, Schlafly has her knickers in a twist because the federal courts have ruled that the Michigan High School Athletic Association discriminated against girls, in violation of the Constitution and Title IX, by scheduling girls' sports, but not boys' sports, during non-traditional seasons.  While Schlafly thinks it's no business of the courts "to decide which seasons high school boys and girls will play which sports," in fact, and as the courts found, the scheduling of girls' sports in non-traditional seasons deprived girls of important opportunities, such as being recruited by college coaches. 

Schlafly is also exercised because a federal judge in Kentucky ordered a public high school to allow a student Gay-Straight Alliance to meet. In fact, the federal Equal Access Act requires that a public high school that allows any non-curriculum-related student club to meet must allow all clubs to meet and cannot discriminate against clubs that it does not like.  Ironically, the Act was passed in large measure at the urging of Christians who wanted to ensure that students could have Bible clubs in their high schools.  Now that the Equal Access Act is being used to protect other students as well, right wingers like Schlafly somehow think that "equal" doesn't really mean equal.  Fortunately, federal courts have rejected this pernicious notion.  In fact, several years ago, attorneys with People For the American Way Foundation, along with Lambda Legal and the law firm of Irell & Manella, successfully represented courageous high school students in California in the precedent setting case that was the first in which a judge applied the Equal Access Act to require a school district to allow a GSA to meet.  Other courts have followed suit.  Sauce for the goose, Phyllis.