You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Ominous Rumblings From the Right

As I noted last week, it appears as if the Religious Right’s primary plan for upholding Proposition 8 and preventing marriage equality is not so much to argue why stopping gay marriage is necessary and constitutional, but rather to simply warn that there will be hell to pay if they are not.

That certainly seems to be what Bruce Hausknecht of Focus on the Family’s Citizenlink is saying:

“I will say that the Supreme Court, even the liberals on the court, ought to be thinking at least twice about the culture wars they will ignite — just like they did with Roe v. Wade — if they were to affirm this ruling,” he replies.

That said, the analyst suggests that the Supreme Court justices leave the matter up to the states. “They would be smart, even if they want to uphold liberal ideals, to leave this in the legislatures’ hands around the country,” he says.

Gee, gay marriage would ignite a culture war?  That would be new and utterly unprecedented.  

What exactly does Hausknecht think is taking place now?