Wyoming State Rep’s Desire to Invoke His “Christian Faith” in Government Motivated Sharia-Law Ban

Proposing a law to ban the use of Sharia law in courts, Wyoming State Rep. Gerald Gay said he was mounting a “pre-emptive strike” on judges from employing Islamic legal code in their decisions. Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches reports that while campaigning, Gay made videos shooting balls representing “socialism” and “big government.”

Gay wants to replicate an Oklahoma law that was recently found to be unconstitutional, fearing that Wyoming’s judiciary may become an outpost of Islamic law. Gay says he makes “governmental decisions based on certain tenants [sic] of the Christian faith,” and his desire to maintain his Christian-outlook towards governing “motivated his proposal” to ban Sharia:

“I have quite a bit of extensive personal exposure to sharia, so it’s not like I’m dealing with something that’s unfamiliar or like somebody else came up with the idea and just came to me and asked for sponsorship,” the Wyoming Republican explains. “I’m bringing my own basket of goods to the deal.”

While Gay admits his Christian convictions have motivated his proposal, he points out that the spread of radical Islam could bring sharia law to Wyoming courts in cases involving arranged marriages or so-called “honor killings.”

“Wyoming’s Constitution has Article VII, Aection 22, which says, ‘The duty of the legislature is to promote such laws that protect the morality, health and general welfare of the citizens of the state,'” the legislator notes. “By invoking that, I feel very comfortable in making my governmental decisions based on certain tenants of the Christian faith.”