Would You Take Financial Advice From Pat Robertson?

It looks like Pat Robertson has a new book out about how to manage your money called “Right on the Money: Financial Advice for Tough Times” and so he has been making the rounds promoting it.  

Though, judging by this interview with Time, I don’t know that I’d be willing to take financial advice from a guy who doesn’t even seem to know how he’s been managing his own money:

TIME: This is your first personal-finance book, is that right?

Robertson: That’s right. I talk about finances on my TV show; we call it “Money Monday.” One of the editors happened to see that segment and thought it’d make a nice book.

It seems a little bit out of your usual line.

Well, actually, I manage a couple of stock portfolios or funds or whatever you want to call ’em, and I think I’ve done relatively well with them. My broker says I’m in the top 1% of fund managers with the results I’ve been having.

Considering Robertson’s own history of questionable and sketchy business dealings, perhaps he is not really the best person to be handing out financial advice.