Worse Than the Democrats?

Remember back when Democrats controlled the Senate at the beginning of Bush’s presidency and all the Right did was complain about the fact that they weren’t confirming judges fast enough?  

Well it looks like Democrats did a pretty good job, especially in comparison to the current Republican-controlled Senate – and Manuel Miranda is not happy

In the 109th Congress so far, the Senate has confirmed only 46 judges. By comparison, the 107th confirmed 100 under Democrat control, the 108th confirmed 104. In the 103rd Congress, when the Senate last confirmed two Supreme Court justices (Breyer and Ginsburg), Democratrs [sic] also confirmed 127 other Clinton judges.

“This is not apples to oranges,” said Manuel Miranda, chaiman [sic] of the Third Branch Conference. “Effort is effort. This Congress has so far taken fewer votes on judicial confirmations than any time since the first two years of the Reagan administration. It is the least accomplished Senate in 25 years. It is no wonder that the White House has trouble filling seats, with a Senate like this.”

Undoubtedly, the Right will try and find some way to blame this on the Democrats.