WND: Anti-Gay Hate Groups “Can Enrich Any Neighborhood”

In my last post, I noted that if even WorldNetDaily thinks your arguments are crazy nonsense, its a pretty safe to conclude that your arguments are crazy nonsense. 

And the reason I cite WorldNetDaily as the lowest common denominator for craziness is because it runs things like this column by Pieder Beeli claiming that anti-gay hate groups “can enrich any neighborhood”:

Amidst all this statist morality-speak, we don’t hear much on celebrating hate. We need to elevate our moral horizons to include some judicious hate.

Could it be true that – sappy and gushy feel-goodisms aside – we can only truly love someone to the extent that we hate the bad and evil turns by which human nature may entreat him?

Here are nine examples of hate groups that can enrich any neighborhood:

Hatred for unnatural and perverse sexualities. What if the average shortening of one’s life due to homosexual behavior was four times greater than that due to obesity and poor diet, or three times greater than that due to heavy smoking? Would that be grounds to attach the “perverse” or “unnatural” label to some sort of consensual adult sexual activity? Further, what if the pathological demographic indices – violent crime, suicide, depression, pedophilia – further correlated with increased acceptance of homosexuality? Would it be love toward the individual considering such a lifestyle, or would it be hate? Wouldn’t it be necessary to hate sexual perversity in order to truly love people considering it?