With Falwell Appeased, McCain Courts Dobson

Over the weekend it was reported that James Dobson of Focus on the Family had all but ruled out any possible support for Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid:

Speaking on a Dallas Christian radio program last week, Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, said he wouldn’t support McCain’s candidacy “under any circumstances.”

“He’s not in favor of traditional marriage, and I pray that we won’t get stuck with him,” Dobson added.

Demonstrating just how powerful Dobson is within the right-wing movement, McCain is now practically begging Dobson to give him an opportunity to win him over: 

Sen. John McCain said Tuesday he hopes to patch things up with conservative Christian leader James Dobson, who recently said he wouldn’t support the Republican’s presidential bid under any circumstances.

In a radio interview with KCBI, a Dallas Christian station, Dobson argued that McCain didn’t support traditional marriage values and said he has prayed “we won’t get stuck with him.” Dobson is founder of Focus on the Family.

“I’m obviously disappointed and I’d like to continue and have a dialogue with Dr. Dobson and other members of the community,” McCain said Tuesday during a stop in Columbia.

When he was running for president in 2000, McCain made headlines by blasting the Bush campaign for “pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance” such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. 

Sensing that his hopes for his campaign depends on his ability to win over the GOP’s right-wing base, in 2006 McCain delivered a commencement address at Falwell’s Liberty University and declared that he no longer felt that way.  

Now that McCain has made up with Falwell and is courting Dobson, it may be only a matter of time before he begins trying to appease Robertson and win his support as well.