Will Janet Porter Return?

Right after Janet Porter hosted her May Day 2010 prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial, she was dropped by her radio network, VCY America, due to her increasing involvement with Dominion theology.

At the time, it was unclear how much of an impact this development would have on her Faith 2 Action radio program and organization … but since then, it has become pretty clear that the decision to drop her program seems to have caused her organization to almost entirely cease operations.

Since then, Porter has run a month of “encore” programs when ended at the end of May and since then the program has been off the air entirely. Not only that, but Porter not produced a daily 60-second commentary since April, nor has she been writing her regular weekly WorldNetDaily columns, having only produced two since her failed May Day rally – one responding to her critics and another announcing her next big endeavor: making a movie.

It has now been weeks since Porter has produced any new content and I have no idea when, or even if, she plans to return to the airwaves.

When she was dropped by VCY, Porter announced that the move was not going to stop her from spreading the Gospel … but so far it looks like it has done exactly that.