Wiley Drake Pretty Much Wants Everyone To Die

Last night Alan Colmes had Wiley Drake on his program to discuss his latest call to imprecatory prayer against all 219 members of the House that voted for health care reform.

While it started out with Drake camping it up by playing songs and recalling his days in the rodeo, it quickly took a turn toward the morbidly absurd as Drake admitted that he does, in fact, want every member of Congress who voted for this legislation to die and then even promised Colmes that his name would be added to Drake’s imprecatory prayer death list for his support of the legislation and the Representatives who passed it.

Colmes logically asked if that meant that Drake was therefore praying that everyone who supports this bill or these legislators should also die, to which Drake stated that since he didn’t know all the names of those millions of people he couldn’t offer such a prayer, but asserted that if he did know their names, he most certainly would pray for them to die as well.

Drake’s position is that he is not personally causing anyone to die, as that is God’s decision; he is merely fulfilling his obligation to engage in imprecatory prayer in order to “pray vengeance upon the enemies of God” and America: