Wilderness Outcry Canceled, America Now Doomed

Last month we noted that Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Ron Luce, Jim Garlow* and various others associated with the prophetic intercessors movement were planning a 5-day prayer-fueled Woodstock in Missouri that was going to launch the Third Great Awakening, lift America from its “moral and spiritual crisis,” and reverse God’s judgments against our nation for having elected President Obama and the Democrats to office.

Sadly, this event has now been canceled, presumably dooming America to suffer the wrath of God:

We are very sorry to announce that due to a lack of funds, the large 5-day gathering called Wilderness Outcry will no longer take place this upcoming summer. We believe this vision is of the Lord, and certainly no one can deny the desperate need of our nation for prayer, but the reality is that provision for the high cost of doing an event like this – most of which must be paid in advance – has simply not materialized.

This was never intended to be a money-making event. Without charging a registration fee for attending, we knew our costs would be several hundred thousand dollars. We were confident we could raise this money. We were wrong. The line between true faith and presumption can be very fine sometimes, and our ability to truly discern God’s will can be difficult. Obviously, we fell short in both areas.

We are saddened and grieved with this development and repent for any presumption on our part. We sincerely ask your forgiveness for any inconvenience this has caused you.

* UPDATE: Jim Garlow has informed us that he was in no way involved with this event.  Our apologies for mistakenly asserting that he was.