White Nationalists: Trump May Not Meet All Our Expectations, But Neither Did Jesus

White nationalists James Edwards and Keith Alexander discussed Donald Trump’s success on their racist, anti-Semitic podcast, “The Political Cesspool,” on Saturday, with Alexander comparing  Trump to Jesus. Alexander said that Jesus, like Trump, didn’t fully meet conservatives’ expectations in his day and was rejected as the messiah, a mistake that he said Americans shouldn’t make with Trump.

“We are under no illusion here that his record previous to this campaign is spotty at best,” Edwards acknowledged. He argued that at least with Trump, “there may be a chance that he’s sincere.”

Edwards said, “The best we can say about Trump is that there’s a chance, but even more encouraging about Trump is this, and is what is undeniably positive: Trump speaking out on immigration and some of these other issues like political correctness in the media the way he has, shows that these are winning issues.”

Edwards argued that it’s irrelevant what Trump does in office and whether he’s “ultimately a disappointment.”

“The most important thing about Trump is what comes after Trump,” Edwards said. “And I think his campaign has proven that Americans are ready for hardcore nationalist politics and populism.”

Alexander praised Trump’s ability “to short-circuit the vetting process because of his celebrity and his wealth.”

Alexander continued, “[Trump] is a leader, not an intellectual, and as a result he’s bound to be a disappointment to people that would like to see Pat Buchanan in his position, but we have to take what we can get. We can’t expect purity in every regard. Those who do, it’s just like Jesus. Jesus didn’t meet the expectations of the conservative intellectual Pharisees of his time to be the messiah and, as a result, they rejected the messiah. We don’t need to make their mistake.”

Edwards dismissed Trump’s potential letdowns, saying Trump’s campaign is “a net gain for our issues, and our issues are bigger than any one man.”