When You See Malkin on TV, You Can Thank James Dobson

Following up on the post from earlier today regarding Michelle Malkin’s appearance on James Dobson’s radio program, it turned out that most of the discussion revolved around Obama, taxes, healthcare, czars, and every other right-wing talking point.  But there was one interesting revelation regarding Malkin’s recent move to Colorado Springs, CO from the “swamp” that is Washington, DC.

Malkin revealed that the move had been made for the benefit of her family and that, as a result, she had had to give up some of her more high-profile television opportunities, at which point Dobson chimed in to note that she is still doing a lot of television appearances and that, when she does, she utilizes the studios at Focus on the Family headquarters:

Dobson: You’re still on television a lot, aren’t you?

Malkin: Yes.

Dobson: And you do some of that right here from this ministry.

Malkin: Yes, it is such a blessing …

Dobson: So when you’re seen now on Fox News, you’re probably broadcasting uplink from one of our studios.

Malkin: That’s exactly right. And you have a wonderful staff here and, it’s just, I feel at home.