When Pat Talks To God

Every year, Pat Robertson goes on a prayer retreat where God tells him what we can expect in the coming year.  This year was no different:

Pat Robertson says God has told him that the U.S. is under a cloud of divine wrath and is headed for financial ruin. The Christian broadcaster announced his 2010 predictions on Monday’s broadcast of The 700 Club.

Robertson said God won’t bless an America that institutionalizes homosexual rights and abortion while prohibiting prayer and Bible reading in public schools. “How can we pray for his blessing when we have that going on?” he wondered. “When we have courts that have ruled repeatedly against him, when we have the Bible taken from schools, where we have prayer taken from children?”

And considering that upwards of 50-million babies have been aborted in America, he stated: “A cloud of his wrath is upon this country.”

He also said God told him the U.S. is on a “decline to insolvency” and will ultimately go bankrupt. “There may be some problem about terrorists and so forth, but I think the biggest problem we’re facing right now is financial. A fiscal decline to insolvency — it’s coming, and it’s a question of how fast,” he warned.

Here is the segment from yesterday’s 700 Club:

Let’s not forget that back in 2007, Robertson warned that God had told him to expect a massive terrorist attack on specific US cities that would kill “possibly millions of people.”