What Do You Expect From TVC?

A few months back, I wondered what the Traditional Values Coalition’s obsession was with “she-males,” noting that the term appears more than 100 times on the organization website.

And that count has just gone up, as TVC uses the term three times in its statement on Amanda Simpson in which TVC says that people like her need “psychiatric help” for her “mental illness”:

President Obama may be breaking most of his campaign promises to Americans, but he’s keeping his promises to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and she-males (euphemistically known as “transgenders”).

He has just appointed Amanda Simpson to become a Senior Technical Advisor at the Department of Commerce. Simpson, is a male-to-female person who used to be a test pilot and worked for Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona.

The liberal YWCA recognized Simpson as one of their “Woman on the Move” in 2004, despite the fact that Simpson is still a man. He dresses like a woman and underwent surgical procedures to remove his male sex organs, had fake breasts created and his adam’s apple removed, but he isn’t a woman and never will be. His DNA doesn’t change.

In short, Simpson is a she-male without male sex organs. He is a surgically mutilated man who is pretending to be a woman and pushing a political agenda.

The Commerce Department will now be forced to deal with Simpson’s she-male status in restrooms and whatever shower facilities are available at the department. Real women at Commerce will be forced into uncomfortable restroom situations with Simpson. It is likely that they will be forced into sensitivity training sessions to be taught to accept and affirm Simpson’s blurry and bizarre sexual status.

He is a gender confused individual who has a treatable mental condition known as a Gender Identity Disorder (GID). Individuals with this condition are uncomfortable with their birth sex and feel that they must reject their birth sex and live as the opposite sex. They need psychiatric help, not surgery or public affirmation for a mental illness.