We Want to Believe

Yesterday, David Barton wisely suggested that people ignore John McCain’s reputation as a “maverick” and ignore whatever it is he says in favor of judging him based on his actual record.  With that view we couldn’t agree more, but now it looks like Barton is so giddy by McCain’s decision to name Sarah Palin as his running mate that he’s gone into full-on Kool-Aid-drinking mode:

Delegates including David Barton of Aledo, a former vice chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, said McCain’s choice of Palin had cemented support for the GOP ticket among faith voters who had some distrust of him.

“It was an affirmation to conservatives and faith voters that McCain really is a good guy. He’s not just pandering,” Barton said.

Although McCain had met with faith groups before announcing his choice of Palin, Barton said, “Everybody was at arm’s length and said, ‘We’ll see.’ Now it’s a full embrace.”

Barton is right about one thing: McCain’s not “just pandering” to the Right with the Palin pick, he’s flagrantly and unabashedly pandering to them.