‘We Prayed Him Out of There’: Dave Daubenmire Rewrites the History of His Meeting With Bill Barr

On Tuesday’s episode of his daily “Pass The Salt Live” webcast, radical right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire took credit for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr.

As Right Wing Watch reported last week, Daubenmire has been frantically rewriting the history of the encounter he had with Barr at the end of October, when he and a group of activists carried out a series of protests demanding that then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama be arrested, tried, and executed for treason.

As part of that effort, Daubenmire and crew protested outside Barr’s home, and Barr personally came out to meet the group, pray with them, and take photos. In the days that followed, Daubenmire was positively giddy as he repeatedly marveled at how God had miraculously orchestrated his meeting with Barr.

When President Donald Trump refused to accept the results of the presidential election and Barr gave permission for armed agents to be dispatched to vote counting sites in order to “prevent potential federal crimes,” Daubenmire boasted that it was his meeting with Barr that had given the attorney general “a little bit of spine and a little bit of courage” to expose the allegedly rampant voter fraud that he claims stole the election from Trump.

“God sent us to Bill Barr’s house for a reason,” Daubenmire declared during the Nov. 6 broadcast of his “Pass The Salt Live” program. “This is going to be corruption revealed so deep that if we dig it out, there will be a chance for our children and our grandchildren.”

A few weeks passed, and when Barr said that the Department of Justice had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Daubenmire immediately turned against Barr and suddenly declared that, contrary to his earlier assertion that they had been divinely sent to encourage Barr, he and his fellow right-wing activists had actually been sent to Barr’s home as a warning from God.

“Is Bill Barr gonna stand before Almighty God and the Lord says to him, ‘What are you doing down there? I sent 33 guys to your house, and I gave you a warning, and you ignored it, Bill. You ignored it,'” Daubenmire said. “We thought, some of us, we were going to Bill Barr’s house to get him to vote the right way, to do the right thing,” Daubenmire concluded. “Maybe we were just showing up as a witness to Bill Barr: You’ve been warned, brother. We came in peace, and you have been warned.”

Upon hearing the news this week that Barr will be resigning before the end of the year, Daubenmire completed his rewriting of history by asserting that it was his meeting with Barr that had pushed him out.

“We were told to go pray for Bill Barr,” Daubenmire said. “We didn’t say when we went to Bill Barr’s house that all of a sudden he’s gonna do everything we wanted him to do. That was never part of the deal, and that was never what we asked to be done. We said, ‘Thy will be done.’ The Lord told us to go pray, and we went and prayed.”

“So we go, and we pray for Attorney General Barr, and here’s what I saw yesterday: Our prayers were answered,” Daubenmire continued. “He was pushed to the edge. Isn’t that what we prayed, that nothing is hidden that will not be revealed? And when we showed up and we prayed on Bill Barr and we prayed and we hoped Bill Barr would do the truth—I made a statement yesterday [that it] takes courage to be a hero and he just may not have it. He just may not have it. So I say, ‘Thank God Bill Barr’s gone.’ We prayed him out of there.”