Wayne Allyn Root: Trump Opponents Are ‘Mentally Ill’ And Democratic States Should ‘Leave The Union’

Earlier this week, conspiracy theorist and sycophantic Donald Trump supporter Wayne Allyn Root appeared on the “Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz,” where he declared that those who oppose President Trump are “mentally ill” and urged Democratic-voting states to secede from the union so that America can be run by people like him.

“There is not much that needs to be said,” Root declared. “They’re unhinged, they’re off the rails, they’re mentally ill. The Democratic Party has Trump Derangement Syndrome and they are no longer an opposition party or a leading party; they’re not willing to come to the table and work, they’re not willing to vote on Supreme Court nominees, they’re just looking to block and boycott. They’re crazy and so we have just got to run the country and ignore them … I think we have got to erase Obama like he was never there.”

Root went on to encourage the state of California “to leave the union” because “it would be the best thing to ever happen to America, conservatives, the Republican Party [and] patriots. My God, if California seceded with its fifty-plus electoral votes, we win every election for the rest of history.”

“We don’t want California as part of this country anymore,” Root continued, adding that he’d also love to see New York, Illinois, Maryland and all of New England likewise secede and “let this country be a nice conservative country run by people like Donald Trump and Wayne Root.”