Wayne Allyn Root On Undocumented Children: ‘We’re Treating Them Pretty Darn Good’

Right-wing radio host Wayne Allyn Root said Tuesday that he believed that the United States was treating the children of migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border “pretty darn good” and that “nobody treats kids badly,” despite the fact that many children separated from their parents at the border have yet to be reunited with their families.

On the July 10 edition of his show for Newsmax TV, Root hosted Alan Dershowitz, who has recently made a publicity circuit by complaining that he was shunned on Martha’s Vineyard for his apologetic defenses of President Trump. The interview quickly turned to Root and Dershowitz airing their personal grievances against Trump’s critics, during which Dershowitz told Root that comparing the anti-immigrant actions of the Trump administration to those of Nazi Germany was “a form of Holocaust denial.”

“If you’re saying Trump is like Hitler, you’re saying is that the Jews of Germany and the Jews of Poland didn’t suffer any more than we’re suffering now and that there were no gas chambers and that there were no death camps,” Dershowitz said. “You cannot make comparisons.”

“They’re saying today there are gas chambers and there are railway cars taking them to concentration camps and that’s ridiculous,” Root said.

Just for the record, we’ve not come across anyone who is saying that.

“You may disagree with his policy on the border, but nobody’s taking them to concentration camps. We’re treating them pretty darn good, if you ask me,” Root said. “So, you know, nobody treats kids badly.”