Wayne Allyn Root: Chicago & Baltimore Are ‘Third-World Hellholes’ Because ‘They Don’t Practice Capitalism’

In a speech to the Western Conservative Conference over the weekend, Trump-loving radio personality Wayne Allyn Root cheered the president’s comments about immigrants from “shithole countries,” claiming that Trump was talking about countries with “high taxes” where people’s “lives are a nightmare” just like the “third-world hellholes” of Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit where “they don’t practice capitalism.”

“If you look at every country that has high taxes in the world, their lives are a nightmare,” Root said. “Their lives are a nightmare. What did Donald Trump call them? I think they were called ‘sh-holes,’ right? And we’ve got a few shitholes in America, too. Chicago is a sh-hole, Baltimore is a shithole—there’s a few of them—Detroit is a sh-hole. There are third-world hellholes right in the middle of the United States of America where they don’t practice capitalism, that’s why.”

He went on to declare that “no one ever gave me white privilege” and “no one ever gave me a damn thing in my life because I’m white or smart or an American,” attributing his success to his “relentlessness”—which reminded him to boast that Trump himself had endorsed his book “The Power of Relentless.”