Washington Republican Says Marriage Equality Threatens ‘Stable Society’

With Washington’s state legislature set to vote on a marriage equality bill introduced by Governor Christine Gregoire, Republican state senator Val Stevens is leading the fight against the legislation. Stevens, who in 2009 said that the state’s domestic partnership law represents an “assault on our families and American culture by the homosexuals” that would legitimize the “depraved lifestyle” of gays and lesbians, told the vehemently anti-gay American Family Association’s OneNewsNow today that the marriage equality bill “opens the floodgates” for the legalization of polygamy, incest and pedophilia. According to Stevens, the marriage equality legislation must be stopped “for the sake of maintaining our stable society”:

Governor Chris Gregoire (D) is personally introducing a bill that would legalize same-gender marriage in a state where domestic partnerships are already law. Senator Val Stevens (R) will be part of the legislative army opposing the move.

She contends, “To diminish the value of marriage between one man and one woman only opens the floodgates for who knows what might come down the road,” such as polygamy, incestuous marriage, or an adult marrying a child.

Though there will be a fight in the legislature, Stevens says those fighting to defend traditional marriage really need pastors to step forward to educate their congregations and “get them out of the pews, calling their legislators to make certain that they will be actively opposing this movement to undermine the standard that is biblically based.”

Stevens also does not understand why the governor wants lawmakers to spend their time with such a hot-button social and moral issue while the state is facing such a serious budget crunch.

In response to the governor’s announcement, Stevens issued a statement that says, “Marriage between one man and one woman gives strength to society,” and she points out that the state constitution “protects freedom of conscience and our religious heritage.” So she pledges to oppose the legislation proposal “for the sake of maintaining our stable society.”