War on Christmas: One Writer Blames the Jews (Again)

PrelutskyAccording to Burt Prelutsky, “Christmas” has become “a dirty word” in that “people are being prevented from saying it in polite society for fear that it will offend.” Those of us who have turned on the TV or radio, entered a store, or merely walked around town in the last week may be surprised to hear about the anti-Christmas police state, in which people “are being prevented” from uttering the name of the holiday.

Then again, if that claim surprised you, you will be even more surprised that Prelutsky’s analysis leads to the “Jewish question”:

Although it seems a long time ago, it really wasn’t, that people who came here from other places made every attempt to fit in. Assimilation wasn’t a threat to anyone; it was what the Statue of Liberty represented. E pluribus unum, one out of many, was our motto. The world’s melting pot was our nickname. It didn’t mean that any group of people had to check their customs, culture or cuisine, at the door. It did mean that they, and especially their children, learned English, and that they learned to live and let live.

That has changed, as you may have noticed. And I blame my fellow Jews. When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian, agenda, you find Jewish judges, Jewish journalists and the ACLU at the forefront.

But those of us who witnessed last year’s sorry “War on Christmas” are not surprised – because Prelutsky published the same article one year ago. (See PFAW’s “Right Wing Outrage,” 12/9/05.)

And if you’re concerned that questioning the ability of Jews to “assimilate” to American society is now an acceptable form of discourse, Prelutsky says there’s nothing to worry about:

[T]he dirty little secret in America is that, in spite of the occasional over-publicized rants by the likes of Mel Gibson and Michael Richards, anti-Semitism is no longer a problem in society; it’s been replaced by a rampant anti-Christianity.

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