Josh Bernstein: Failure To Stop Illegal Immigration Will Eventually Lead To The Murder Of Conservatives

Right-wing radio host, commentator and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein posted a video yesterday in which he praised President Trump’s DACA decision, warning that failure to control and reduce immigration will eventually lead to the elimination of the Republican Party and the execution of conservatives.

Bernstein said that he realized that he’d probably be called a white nationalist for this view but he doesn’t really care about the feelings or the fears of the hundreds of thousands people who could find themselves facing deportation under Trump’s plan.

Bernstein said that mass deportations probably won’t happen because Trump is “a reasonable person” who has compassion, though he suggested that wholesale deportation might “be the right thing to do.”

“The bottom line is Democrats want [DREAMers] to be here illegally,” he said. “Why? So that you can become dependent on government, so that you can become part of their voting bloc and eventually there will be a one-party system in America. And, God forbid, with a one-party system in America, we would be National Socialists eventually, just like Adolf Hitler and Mussolini.”

“They would probably start killing people at some point that disagreed with their positions,” Bernstein added. “Is that far-stretched? Does that seem like it’s way out of whack? That I’m a conspiracy theorist type of person? No, I’m not. I just can see the writing on the wall.”