WallBuilders Sponsoring Next Tea Party Convention?

Considering that Glenn Beck has been working diligently to turn WallBuilder’s David Barton into the official “historian” of the right-wing Tea Party/912 movement, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the organization would be signing on as one of the sponsor of the next National Tea Party Unity Convention in Las Vegas … at least that is how it appears, judging by this press release from Tea Party Nation

The Tea Party Unity Convention will be the most powerful political event of the summer as we network and empower attendees for the November 2010 elections.

Convention spokesman, Judson Phillips said, “We look forward to working with World Net Daily, Resistnet, The Leadership Institute, Judicial Watch, Numbers USA, Wall Builders, Voices of America, NAACCP, NC Freedom, The Dallas Tea Party, The Heritage Foundation, Chicago Young Republicans, National Tea Party Federation and others in this fight.”

Featured speakers and participants include: Lou Dobbs, Joseph Farah, Andrew Breitbart, Neal Boortz, SE Cupp, Michael Reagan, Jonathan Kahn (Jon David), Lloyd Marcus, Frantz Kebreau, Ken Blackwell, Mark Thiessen, Ana Puig, Barbee Kinnison, Amy Kremer, Darla Dawald, Tom Fitton, Richard Viguerie, Michael Patrick Leahy, David DeGerolamo, Erika Franzi, Dr. B. Leland Baker, Bishop EW Jackson, Dr. William Forstchen, Fred Houck and Melody Kite.

Topics to be covered: Achieving Unity, Combating Racism Allegations, How to Raise $50,000 in 90 days For Your Tea Party Group, Fair Tax, Emergency Preparedness, Attracting and Keeping Young Activists in the Movement, Community Organizing, Women in the Tea Party Movement, Losing Our Religion, Freedom of Information Act and Open Government Laws, How to do Voter Registration Drives and Where to Find Conservative Voters.

I have to say that organizers have a real knack for getting fringe Religious Rigth activists to speak at their conventions – last time it was Rick Scarborough of Vision America, and this time it is EW Jackson:


Bishop E.W. Jackson is, even by right-wing standards, something of a fringe figure. He seems to have some ties to Rick Scarborough and appeared on Janet Porter’s radio program not too long ago.

He is also Founder of Exodus Faith Ministries and last year founded something called Staying True to America’s National Destiny [S.T.A.N.D] and was among the participants at the right-wing anti-hate crimes rally last year, where he railed against the legislation as the result of a “virulent strain of anti-Christian bigotry and hatred.”


But today, Jackson announced his most grandiose plan yet with the formation of the STAND AMERICA PAC though which he is “declaring political war on the Democrat Party and the liberal Congressional Black Caucus” as part of an effort to end the deception that is causing the black community to support the “Coalition of the godless.”