Wallace Henley: Every President ‘Is There to Serve the Purposes of God’

Wallace Henley, who serves as associate pastor at Houston’s Second Baptist Church, appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where he explained that every president “is there to serve the purposes of God,” either as a blessing on the nation or as a punishment.

Like Richard Land, Henley seems to be of the belief that Republican presidents are blessings while Democratic ones are curses.

“The whole point of history is to advance of the gospel of the kingdom in the world,” Henley said. “Nations are critical to God’s kingdom plan, and so, consequently, every leader who is brought to power or who is raised up to power in a nation is there to serve the purposes of God. And that will happen either by the intentional will of God or the permissive will of God.”

“There are two aspects of the will of God: The permissive will of God and the intentional will of God,” he added. “There are times where God will permit evil leadership to rise up as a consequence of judging a nation.”

Henley said that Adolf Hitler was an example of someone who “rose up by the permissive will of God” as a form of judgment, but that God also makes an “intentional choice [of a leader] who will bring great blessing on a nation.”

“Which is Trump?” he asked. “I’ll let the reader of my book just that.”

Henley’s next book is titled, “The Trump Enigma: How the Lord of History is Using an Unexpected Presidency to Keep America on Track.”